(Part 1, 2, 3)
I had found myself pushed toward the narrow passageway by the beast pursuing me; I’d stumbled for to be so treated by Man was a hardship. The beast sought to kill me, but had managed to thump me on the back.

I careened towards the narrow passageway which I had seen, which I knew I must use to escape the raging beast called Man.

Regaining myself from my stumbling, and filled with the sense of knowing that within myself was the portal of light, I bowed myself low, for to enter this narrow passageway I had to crawl.

Behind me the Man continued to rage, to paw, to sniff at me. It could not see me, being blind, but could discern me by scent, for my aroma had become odious to it: I was clean. And so as I scrambled to enter the narrow passageway, the flailing hands and fat fingers still groped at me. I thrust my head into the passage, and reached an arm deep as I could, myself pawing for some firm footing to grab hold of and pull me in.

Immediately I found an anchor, almost as though it were made perfectly for my hand to grip – an outcropping of the stone floor. I wrapped my fingers around it and pulled my lower body into the hole just as the beast reached me again; its hand touching my foot, then pinching it between its fingers to pull me out.

The grip of the beast was intense, nearly crushing the bones in my foot, and its strength was immense for as it began pulling, I could not resist it. I found my leg, which I had sought to draw in swiftly after me being pulled straight though I struggled against it with all the force of my might, and slowly the whole of my body began to straighten after it. I clung to the outcropping my hand had found with all my might, and I sought to find a foothold at the opening of the passage so that I could plant my other foot inside the hole. Thankfully I did, and found my hold secure; I had found a sure anchor for my soul, for this narrow passageway was to live by the Word of God.

Yet equally, I found that the strength of Man had hold upon me, and pulled relentlessly so that I could feel my leg begin to be pulled from it’s socket. Surely should this struggle continue, the beast would quite pull off my leg. I was in a strait betwixt two masters – I desired to go into the hard and narrow way, but the flesh fought and pulled on me.

As I said, this narrow way is to live by the Word of God, but the mouth of the opening is called ‘Law,’ and it was here that the flesh had trapped me, and sought to render me asunder. My body, itself was now a snare to me, for Man had hold on it, and should I give into him, I would surely die. ‘Who shall deliver me from this body of death?’ I wondered.

Thus looking again to the portal within myself, where the kingdom of the Sun can pass through, I sought for an answer – for deliverance from this beast once again. And in my soul I heard the words ringing:

‘Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh.’

‘Walk in the Spirit?!’ My mind protested; what in the world does that mean? Have I not chosen the hard and narrow way? Was I not now abiding in the law of God?

Walk in the Spirit…

I looked, and beheld the Sun in that faraway kingdom. My soul began to fill with the light of it; a warmth flooded through me, and in an instant, the searing heat of the sun filled my constrained leg, passed down into my foot where I was held.

Startled by the sudden heat in my foot, the beast for an instant let loose of me. Immediately, it attempted to adjust it’s grip, grabbing me again, but I had taken the instant to dive deep into the passageway as far from the mouth of the cave as I could likely go.

The entire passage – the entire strait and narrow way – is to abide in the word of God, but to remain in the entryway, that place called law is to live perpetually in the struggle with the flesh. I needed to become spiritual, to live wholly by the ways of this kingdom of the Sun I had entered.

Man reached and pawed still, and I knew the beast would ever pursue me as long as I dwelt in these lower caves; it would track me and reach through any crevasse or opening its grimy hands could find so I must be ever on my guard against it as I travelled, but for now I had passed its power in the place of the law. I was free to venture on.