Genesis 3:20
20 And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

Interesting to note that immediately following the original sin, and God’s initial judgment upon man, and Satan for their roles in it, Adam prophesies; declaring his wife to be the mother of ‘all living.’

This is particularly interesting because in the verse immediately prior, God declared that man would die and return to the earth from whence he was taken:

19 …for dust thou art, and to dust thou shalt return.

20 And Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.

The woman was made as man’s helper (Gen. 2:18); yet she could accomplish the vital task that a man could never accomplish: to bear children. Every human being to follow would come from Eve (woman).

At conception, God breathes life into a woman’s womb and a living human comes forth.

In our day it is popular to laud women by ’empowering’ them with masculine traits. This is feminism in a nutshell – declaring women to be ‘equal’ with men (which biblically, they are; woman having been taken from the side of man (Genesis 2:21 & 22)), yet rather than emphasizing the power that God gave to women – thus elevating femininity – our culture instead tends to merely encourage women to emulate what they see as powerful from the masculine role.

Feminism actually degrades the feminine by assuming that masculinity is superior, and attempting to emulate masculinity.

In many ways, the role of a woman is superior to man. Men cannot give birth, cannot even have life conceived in them. All that men are able to do is plant the seed, and care for the woman who bears his child.

Every living thing had been brought to Adam by God – to see what Adam would name it (Genesis 2:19). It is interesting to note that when God presented Adam with his wife, he called her first: ‘Woman’ being merely the feminine of ‘man.’ Saying when he did so: ‘…because she was taken out of man.’

Calling her ‘woman’ was in essence Adam declaring her to be ‘equal’ (using today’s colloquialism) with himself; he called her merely ‘man’ but in the feminine form.

Yet after the original sin occurred, and man was told by God that he would die, THIS is when Adam gave a new name to his wife: ‘Eve,’ the mother of all living.

Adam’s prophecy was a clear declaration that man cannot save himself, nor could he bring forth life himself.

Today, we often like to point the finger at the woman (usually comically) for offering the fruit to Adam; yet while we may retrospectively condemn, Adam blessed his wife. Truth is, they fell into sin together; and speaking of feminism… this original sin is the prime example of that; the woman took the role of the leader, of the superior, of the provider: she supplied the fruit. Adam ought to have been providing for her – not as superior, but as honoring his wife.

But while our first assumption might be to blame the woman even for this, yet Adam submitted to his wife. He submitted himself to the one he was to be leading, letting her take that role and becoming submissive to it. He was to be blamed for this, and indeed, it is Adam who is biblically held responsible for the original sin, not his wife.

Yet Adam realized that there would come redemption for sin through his wife’s ability to bear children. In one of the earliest plain prophesies of the coming Messiah, God had declared that the Savior, who would destroy the power of Satan would come through her womb (Genesis 3:14 & 15). So Adam prophesied, renaming his wife, Eve, declaring that she would be the mother of all living.

What we see is the serpent deceiving the woman in order to usurp Adam’s authority (really in order to usurp God’s authority). The serpent sought to do this because he wanted to destroy man.

And knowing that the Messiah who would be born to a woman was coming, Satan sought to kill her offspring.

How does he do this? By usurping the man. Even today, Satan deceives women, dupes them into killing their own children; the principle means of doing so today are modern feminism: “My body, my choice.”

Never mind that that body was taken out of a man – a father had to plant the seed in the womb of a mother for you to have a body at all. And more to the point regarding abortion – God breathed life into the body of that baby as soon as the seed was planted. Whether the BODY of that baby is fully formed, or is only now a cluster of growing cells, the life that it contains was put there by God, and you are the mother of that living being.

You were made in the Image of God.