In perilous waters, this retribution comes – and where is my fair and enduring love?
While I strive a thousand days, the moments flicker and perish away.

I mourn for that which never I won, ever rejected though life is yet done.
And how does it matter my strivings within? I strive for the right, disparage of sin.

Like echoes bouncing from walls of dissatisfaction my strivings are,
And you despise me for my yearnings to follow the right.

Where is help for my waning hand? Desirous of success, that much blessed land.
Yet in caverns of failure the recourse resounds – rejection; what’s love?

If only to escape to that much perfect place, for You alone leave me not despised…
My invisible Friend

Broken waters cannot quench the soul, and I have made it my heart’s intent to find the pure.
In longing and strivings and much yearning hope; why does the body treat me so?

‘Pity, you fool,’ I say to my heart, ‘your petulance now must fade to the dark.’
Silent and somber and missing the tune – where is the help from that one…

My invisible Friend?

Of prattling chaos I must chatter on, forced to strive for dollars, worthless dollars.
Yea, I know not of rejection and spite, for One who hung on the cross did bear it.

In lonely solace, the Wind was my friend… where have you gone…
My invisible Friend?