Well, lamely, I twisted my ankle pretty good during the first set of drills on Tuesday’s morning class.

We had just finished warm-ups and were doing shoots and sprawls with a partner; we got through a few and then I landed weird on my ankle. I took the next few minutes to stretch and roll it around a bit, but then the techniques we worked on was all leg-work from being pinned in full-mount so there was a lot of stepping on feet and ankles.

Because I’m me, I just grit my teeth and bore through it. When I broke my rib a couple months back I finished out the match I was doing, rolled with another guy (sort of… rib hurt pretty bad so I didn’t do too good) and stuck around for the 8 o’clock class. Obviously, I need to be better at taking my aches and pains seriously.

Anyhow, I finished the class out, but the ankle is still hurting so I’m pretty sure I sprained it – I think its tendons and not a broken bone party because the pain is not as sharp but also because I feel it different places up my leg and not just my ankle.

So I didn’t get to make the intensive training week I had hoped to, but went back to my daily home workout routines (minus leg day).

Trusting I will be able to get back to training this next week at a standard clip 2-3 days/ week.

Get kind of tired of getting injuries, but it makes me appreciate Batman more than other lame Superheroes who have to have powers to do the same thing he does with just money and martial arts training.