The sun is shining on the beach

Calm cool waves lap the shore

Radiant heat has warmed the air

You are lying on a soft warm towel

None of this matters.  It is just a setting.

Under the air there is something more.

Above the sand, about the sea…

The fragrance of the ocean fills the softly whisking wind.

The sound of birds… is this paradise?  Does it seem so to you?

You are basking in the rays, or walking down the shore

The waters lap at your ankles, and the wet sand slinks away under the pressure of your feet

No, these things don’t matter.  This is just what your body is doing.

There is something more happening – something of far greater import.

Can you see it?  Can you hear the unhearable whispers?

Are you so distracted?  Can you only see the physical?

Every moment He is speaking, calling out to your innermost depths.

Every moment He is searching, looking for the perfect heart – one that pays attention.

We have not learned to watch, to hear, to believe.

What are you doing?  At the computer – light room, dark room, dim room… do you hear?  Do you see?

Take a moment and listen.  No, not a moment – learn to hear all the while.  As He said with a warning: ‘Watch and pray, lest ye enter temptation.’

Let us learn to pray without ceasing.  Let us learn to hear all the while.  There are mysteries… secrets only the wise will hear.