Do you sing the midnight songs, when the fire is hot, and the day is long?

Do you dance, and scream about the gloomy depths that make men shout?

Do you cry for souls of men who rush unhindered to the din?

Do you care that these will die; of a thousand terrors they will cry.

Do you exalt the foolish ones, congradulate immoral sons?

Do you sing the songs of night, which tell the dark: “Conceal the light!”

Have you not heard the wretched fair which tells the skin to beat the air?

Mountain, mountain a king did see, which buried earth, and drowned the sea.

Mountain planted eternally, it breaks to pieces all you see,

Then, alone, what’s not seen stands, so take the Spirit by the hand.

And sing no more the songs of night, where tears and toils fill hearts with fright

One alone will fill all things, this is the one of whom Love sings.

Immortal one, benevolent.

Bow to Him.

Jesus is the Way, the Truth, the Light – God manifest in flesh; yes, the Spirit taken by the hand.