In a world of loss, and dusty shame
Is it even a wonder that they’ve forgotten my name?
Here’s a man beneath a mountain
Yet his heart has ever longed to be a fountain.
“Let the thirsty drink.” His vision sighed
But beneath the load Reality cried.

I am a venomous viper who became a man
Redeem another is ever my plan,
Yet here I stand in this viper’s pit
About my lees a thousand coils prep to throw a fit.
From their lips the venom flows
And in their midst the darkness grows.

Spring me from this lion’s den
Or close their mouths, I don’t fit in.
Our ears, our eyes are flooded so
With whose conspiracy? Don’t you know?
There’s one escape, and one alone
To spring us from this mortal home.

Close your eyes and stop your ears,
Calm your heart of all its fears,
No, open wide those eyes and ears,
And let them flow with anguished tears,
Yet with them open, keep them closed
And while you hate, love your foes.

There is a secret that splits the ages,
There is a Truth that breaks all cages,
Upon the execution block hangs eternal life,
And in the tomb of the Son of Man the end of strife.
Manson came in ’69, must have thought it was today
Antichrist arising seeks to chase the light away.

Do not fear, the Truth is near, already He has died,
His mother there beside the tomb and for us all she cried,
There is one escape for those with faith: the man upon the tree
Close your eyes, and see the Truth, the Spirit makes men free.
Stop your ears and hear the Word of the secret of all time,
Hope for us is not to be found without; man increases crime.

He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty – Psalm 91