The sky so blue under the pain of death;
Bleeding, he walked alone and the world was refreshed.
His silence spoke so loudly, it tore the ears of men;
Their shouted taunts could not be heard in the still of his soul.

His spirit not to old when flesh was peeled away
Torrential bursts of trauma invading inner peace
Through rivers of red his bones could be seen
Bits of his flesh lined the road; his powerful Spirit kept on.

Then stretched so far that tendons snapped
His father looked away…
Finally it engulfed him, the world imploded into a single man
Anxiety wrung to shreds of his heart: blood and water.

His bowels released their fill as his ghost was beaten to depths
And fall, fall, how the mightiest one has dropped to the deepest of pits
But with Him fell all of humanity to the depths, and there we ever stay,
To burn as cinders lost and lonesome, weeping in the dark.

And there was evening, and there was morning: the first day.
For though humanity destroyed itself that Sabbath
And cast us utter to the dogs…
Yea, though man may perish, without hope or plea…

Though even stone and stubble burn away,
Yet the Son arises with healing in its wings.
And after dark, the morning comes.
Fear not my beloved, let the Son of righteousness rise in your heart, and live forever.