Been a while since I’ve been on, and at posting… or writing at all to my shame, so here’s a bit of an update, for those acquaintances, and followers who care:

Since taking my latest job I have been focusing more heavily on reading, and on attempting to build relationships with people in my more immediate circle.  I haven’t lately given much time to writing as I’ve poised myself to the work at hand (as much as I’d like to write full time, I am not there yet… and won’t ever be if I am not spending time working at it).

I’ve taken a preaching class at the church that I’ve been attending, and was assigned there some text to preach on (1 Timothy 5).  I’ve never really done much by way of preaching, but I believe the method I will employ (as I am familiar with writing) is to write my content in blog form and post it here, then to extract an outline from the postings and use it as my notes in preaching.

The first part of the message I will be preaching on (1 Tim 5:1-16 about widows) is a message which I am first preaching to me.  The principle I chiefly get as I study it is: PURPOSE… which I will be expanding on here shortly as I prepare the sermon and post it here.  But it is a message which I think is a blessing to many, so difficult to lose hope, and let our vision die in the face of life circumstances, and many of the things that are happening in this world.

And for me… with this blog, with writing, and ministering in general God has a purpose for me… and He has a purpose for you.

I need to generally start writing more again, so I intend to get back to an at least weekly post.  Though its sometimes difficult to find the time, I find that it keeps my creative juices flowing… and the anointing (I can’t tell you how blessed I am sometimes when the Spirit of the Lord comes on me when I’m writing!)… and PURPOSE; it helps me maintain a sense of purpose.

I’ve been somewhat surprised to see that the blog is getting views despite my recent absenteeism which is an encouragement.  For any followers, acquaintances, or just brothers and sisters in Christ if you want to utter a quick prayer for me in my endeavors for the Lord while you’re reading this and thinking about it, I know the Lord will use your prayers – just as I hope to edify, and encourage someone as I write.

As always – thanks for stopping by, look forward to my upcoming sermon content (and other).

Feel free to follow my blog, check out my book (link below), or reach out to my through my contacts page. Put faith in Christ, and God bless!