In this foundation of the stairs, our eyes look up to cast our prayers;

Our eyes once saw a glist’ning light, and by it assumed we’d found all sight.

The named ‘I AM’ is ever present, yet grasp we not The Effervescent;

Where seek we concourse, is it with Him? Or seek we first of mortal men?

The Wind, it speaks – O have ye heard: that He is boundless immortal Word?

This Ever-Word is speaking now, a door is open, we ask, “But how?”

Seven eyes, and seven horns have been released to a world that scorns.

Or see this as futility; “I am saved.” The brother said to me,

“What need I more, for all is grace.” And turned about indifferent face.

‘What ia this?’ My heart did ponder, ‘Is man alone, and left to wander?’

Yet I hid me in the Rock, and asked of Him why men would mock.

“I am alone.” He said to me, “Though alive and ready to set them free,

“Some soil is good enough to grow but a few parched corns, the rest to mow.

“And in their diligence or lack, they will find me pay them back.

“It was by law, and so is now, principles alone so they know how,

“T’would be better, yes, by far, should they know me in my scar.”

In this momment, even now the Great I AM can show you how,

You need not as he men of old, human priests so enter bold;

The one True priest can bear your sin, so cast it off and enter in.

RIGHT NOW is God, can you perceive? RIGHT NOW is Christ, O come receive!

‘And truly our fellowship is with the Father, and with His Son Jesus Christ.’ (1 John 1:3b)

‘And this is life eternal, that they miht know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent.’ (John 17:3)