When we fell from great heights was it remembered, our little lights?

As we search all to and fro, for our meaning throigh loss and woe.

Do you recall what virtue is? We’ve lost our mind, it’s in a tiz.

The sun rose up we thought us fine, we thought we could all tow the line.

We’ve been misled from dawn till dusk, our hope is found as but a husk.

Where do we look when times are hard? In what we trust is broken shard.

We fought a war with moral vice, and thought we’d won, we must think twice.

We extracted swords, and drew our borders, and set up flesh to give us orders.

In our intent we thought it wise, but faction is that vice’ disguise.

So what we fought we then became, we never knew we are the same.

We battled carnal; it we became, and we have ourselves to blame.

If we would but understand; should we repent, He’d heal our land.

Down here below our tempers boil, yet we’re invited above all earthly toil.

“Come sit with Me, and heed My lip; hold not the earth with tight a grip.

“Hold but loosely in your palm, it is I who hold the healing balm.

“All is passing, and but a phase, come live forever and let it blaze.

“From dust to dust shall they return, the earth itself will also burn.

“Abide in Me and never die, heed no more the mortals’ lie.”

With silent heart you’ll hear the king, His voice of his blood shall ever ring.

Hold it loosely, its passing, friend; abide in Christ, fear not the end.