When I lay down to sleep; when I take off my body to rest,

A ladder I shall climb; a cloud shall I ride into the Maker’s breast.

My wings will unfurl from chrysalis flesh,

My travels have ended; my fellowship fresh.

I return to home, leave the tattered and worn,

Go where I’ve lived since becoming reborn.

Lost was I – long ago – and soaked to the bone,

In a bleak wood of briars, and ever alone.

Shrieks in the night told of death on the roam,

Before I discovered the meaning of home.

Then out in the field a tinkling I heard,

Beautiful bells, and comforting word.

Through the thicket I glimpsed a rainbow of gold,

The magic, the beauty I longed to behold

How could I venture out there to be seen?

Out there was danger within was unclean…

Yet here had I nothing, not to lose, nor to gain,

Save only, perhaps for terrible pain.

Yet death roamed, and this I did know,

Nothing was for me, but a pit far below.

Numb to escape, for I knew nothing of hope,

Yet knowing of death, I foreward did grope.

The brambles and thorns dug into my hands

And starting to doubt, may have stayed in those lands.

The music and comfort, too good to be true…

In this comfortless place, there was nothing to do.

But pause as I did, I heard it again,

And found that the words convicted of sin.

Why this was comfort, I had not understood,

But I leaned there was beauty… I learned there was good.

So pressing along the rainbow appeared,

I ran and dove in, and forgot what I feared.

I found what I never knew of but always had sought,

I was wanted by someone, my soul had been taught!

A Man stood within bright shimmering cloud,

For Jesus had bought me, and I could be proud.

And down in this thicket where everyone lives,

The land is so cruel, only loss and terror it gives;

The cold and the lonely, can all hear the Voice,

And find out of home, all lost have the choice.

‘Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door I will come in to him, and zup with him, and he with me.’ (Rev. 3:20)