A million cries have spoken; ten-thousand thunders heard.

The gauntlet’s thrown and broken… can you hear the cooing Bird?

Long ago the music started, and the carnival was set,

The costumes, in were carted – the players shall regret.

Below the bridge not far away, the Bird was ever calling,

The dancers, show was here to stay, the players-prat were falling.

An audience grew large and strong, no more to mill about,

The show was set to last so long, each member gave their shout.

“Cooh,” it called out softly though not a soul did heed,

The fair was high and lofty, and filled with sporting deed.

Yet as a member stood in fame, and unbeknownst to all,

That actor did but bump a flame, and the world began to fall.

On the outskirts He was speaking, from the hedges he cried out,

But the world of itself was reeking, and to hear themselves did shout.

The fire started growing now, and yet as time will tell

The people couldn’t figure how, and yet would burn in hell.

But from the secret awning, and from the hidden place

A blessed day was dawning, the skies would fill with grace.

Can you hear the bird a-calling, or do you care at all?

With man the world is falling, but we think to make it stall.

Quiet now, and listen… His voice the only way.

On your face the Spirit glistens, in your heart is found new day.

Without the fire rages, before us fiends will play,

Come and read the sacred pages, hear what the Savior has to say.

When all the world is breaking down, will you come and hear?

Let every terror in you drown, the Dove is very near.

‘If a man love me, he will keep my words: and my Father will love him, and we will come unto him, and make our abode with him.’ (John 14:13)