You are in me, with me, and I am in You.

None can enter the sanctity of our Union; this Union is the Covenant between You, and I. Not the mere Covenant which you have extended to man – humanity, for I, myself, have entered into it with You. Yes, for I am crucified WITH Christ (this Covenant basis), nevertheless I live. Yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.

The mystery of all ages is not the Kabballah (though even ‘Christians’of our day are begining to be rolled into this pagan deception) or of some temporally locked esoteric ‘deep secrets’ of ancients. In this Union of our Covenant – that made between You and I, available to every man, but accepted by only few – I have recieved the direct impartation of the Spirit of God: the very life essence of the Creator of the Universe. What need have I then, of ‘secret knowledge’ that taught by man. To seek for such is the very basis of original sin: ‘Ye shall be as God, knowing good and evil.’ Said the serpent once, and billions of times through the ages as he tantilizes each toward religious-spiritual esotericism.

But in these last days You have spoken to us by the Son (Heb. 1:2), and the pagans still believe the knowledge of the universe is locked in the Kabballah, and other such esoteric ‘mysteries.’ Wherefore they teach Your people to seek after the secrets of Satan, who goes on telling them that they shall be as gods with such pagan lessons – they know not that it is because Satan seeks to be as man, wherefore even his Enochian teachings imply that angels can become men. But these blind leaders of the blind hear not the Spirit of God when You speak the deep things of God into them – for the Spirit searches all things, yea the deep things of God (1 Cor. 2:10).

Lord deliver them from the deceptions: those of Kabballah & the synagogue of Satan; those of other esoteric teachings, for you despise the doctrines of the Nicolatians, and of Jezebel as well as the synagogue of Satan.

May Your body learn to heed Your Spirit, and not unto the teachings of man; to the Law and to the Prophets; to the basic Covenant in Your own precious blood, and not crucify the Son of God afresh in their wanderings.

These things which You spoke to the seven churches… seven, that manifold, and complete Universal church, which is no earthly organization, but Your body, and New Jerusalem; that mystery which was kept hidden and secret for ages but is now in these last days revealed by Your Spirit to the saints, which is: Christ in us, the hope of glory.

May we learn this secret which any fool can obtain – yea, as You said: a man, though a fool need not err in the Way.

Jesus is the Way, in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge, in whom You speak to us. Why do we seek to man’s knowledge? And why do we heed the teachings of men? But that men would teach only the undefiled Gospel of Truth, and no other doctrine! To the Law and to the prophets!

But the Church, herself, is led astray, for is it not percieved by them to be an organization? An earthly heirarchle structure of men? Wherefore the Prophet George Fox scornfully called them the steeple-houses. Yea, and they are no churches, nor are their organizational structures. But You spoke of the seven True lampstands!

A million conterfeits they have, and all of the learning, and intelligence of men. The Principal of the counterfeits calls itself Israel, and Yours believe it to be so! Even lesser counterfeits call themselves the Universal Church, and Yours believe it to be so! Have they never read of this Holy Covenant in Your blood that they will no more teach one another, for they will ALL know thee? That we are to sit under our own vine and fig tree? Do they not know that in these last days Hou freely pour out of Your Spirit upon ALL FLESH?

But alack! They have believed that deception, that men – their ‘pastors’ so called are those, alone who hear from God, and lead them… have not all these bought into the ancient lie: ‘Ye shall be as gods’? BUT YOU HAVE MADE ALL THINGS NEW!

Lord, that they open their eyes! That they might percieve the Truth, that the Truth would set them free!

…but they must heed Your Spirit, and not the wisdom of man…