This week’s update is coming early because I’M DONE! I was talking 2-3 weeks out as my current situation remains in the air (but such is the case with many at the moment, I believe).

Been posting weekly updates on the progress of the book; the book is complete it is just over 400 pages. It is titled ‘Discerning the Antichrist,’ and I have just self-published it through Amazon, it will be available both in paperback and Kindle.

The book is biblical non-fiction and contains a lot of exposition of prophecy, both New Testament prophecies regarding the end of days, and Old Testament prophecies regarding both the end of days, and the initial coming of Christ.

My focus in the book is Gospel-centricity in end time study; I began to have the revelation which has become the content of the book some few years ago, so portions of the general content can be found here on my site, but the book compiles the revelation that I had into a succinct single-stop resource; this, again on the basis of Gospel-centricity, as it is written:

Isa 8:20
To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.

Any revelation apart, or aside from scripture (or which goes beyond it) is not t o be trusted, but I hope that reading through the book you will be able to see the scriptural, and Gospel based revelation unfold to your benefit.

While my previous book is not expressly eschatological (end time study) in direction, I believe the Lord had directed me to write it for the preparation of the church in these days. For Elijah must come before the Great and terrible day of the Lord. This prophetically speaks of the spirit of repentance: the message of Elijah.

That book, More than a Prophet about the ministry of John the Baptist is already live for purchase either through Amazon or Kindle, follow the link above.

Amazon is giving 72 hours for review of the new book, so it should be available early next week.  Feel free to follow my blog if you are interested as I will post the link here as soon as the book goes live, and you will receive it in email.

For similar content (in terms of prophecy commentary) see my series on the first 5 chapters of Isaiah: Isaiah 2:1-9 The Gospel of Isaiah, pt. 2

For a random short-story (if you prefer fiction) see: Story: A Quaker and an Angel

Thank you for dropping by, thank you for your prayers, and as mentioned I will update you all with a link once the book is up and live.