There must be revival! There must be the fires of heaven kindled again in the earth.

Some say the days are over and gone, that the dispensation has run its course; we are on the heels of the end and the fire is gone.

As long as there is faith in the earth, the Lord can do wonderously through His people. As long as there is breath in my lungs, there is the flaming sword within my soul.

Not the dispensation, but our dispensationalism must come to an end! God is not dead, nor does He sleep; Nay! ‘Hitherto my Father worketh, and I work.’

There must be revival in our streets again! We have despised the ministers of the Gospel, we have found fault, despised and scorned the preachers of the Word but on the basis of a few charlatans (genuine, or presumed).

Pray the Lord of the Harvest send out His laborers. Where are the Charles Finneys, and the George Whitefields of our day? Does not he Lord rise up morning by morning, and send the prophets?

Surely the voice of the ancient of days calls out: “Who will go for us? Whom shall I send?”

Where is Elijah? Have we scorned him to hide in a cave? For shame upon the church – God forbid!

Lord that we would honor the anointing! That we would call good ‘good,’ and evil ‘evil’! That we would honor the rumbling Spirit of God, and awake from our slumber!

Heal us, oh God, mend our spirits and awaken us from torpor! Pour the fire of Your Spirit on your people, and raise the moghty ones of the last days!

Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered! Let the glory as in days of old – those times of revival of that old time religion: the ancient Gospel of Truth be restored upon us! May we glorify Your Word as does Your Spirit – yea, may we cooperate with Him, be filled with Him, empowered by Him and shake the world!

The days of Gospel preaching have been despised, we have turned to the world for entertainment instead, and are nearly as lost as they – even perhaps more so, for we were once enlightened, but turned as a dog back to the vomit, and as a washed swine returned to the mud.

But raise us up the mighty ones, and place a wall of fire round about them, that no weapon formed against them may prevail. The laborers are few, oh God! Send forth Your laborers into the harvest that they may work ALL the works of Christ, and bring healing, deliverance, and salvation to every man as You trained Your appointed ones to do in that ancient time.

Send laborers into the harvest, break them free from the world, and their obligations thereto. Pave their way, and provide their finance, that the works of cChrist may be rendered again in the earth. All who came to You in many towns were healed – everywhere that they believed; none who would come to You was in any wise cast out. Demons fled at Thy word. There are corruptors, oh God, and opportunists, and wolves but raise us up Your True laborers, those whom You’ve called for the task! Raise True Apostles – those sent personally by Your command.

Expose the false, and let not wrong mentalities and strongholds of false doctrine prevail, but Thy Word as propelled by Your Spirit.

We must have revival, we will not forget your command to pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into the field. May it be so in our day, as it has been in the days of old.

Matt 9:37, 38