In the summer’s snow You found me, waiting for Your Heart somehow.

Here I am weeping in the dungeon of forever’s glow.

Eternal Spirit, rise! Let die that exterior…

How many lives have you lived, yet? Are you inside the eternal fires?

My flesh like an Avatar lives, but who was myself is dead for a new.

Sharpened, tempered; a spear in the hand of the Master.

What once was death has come to life again. I live in a cave, the cave of Your suffering.

Battered by the temporal, the slow, the mundane. Cower not, oh soul of mine; like Joshua sieze the day.

A thousand fires shall burn by midnight, and the morning is still to come.

Could you find it, reader? Can you find the silence? That stillness of eternity…

Christ is the still waters, peaceful and calm – never ending stillness in the churning tumult of time.

Discover eternity – His way is in the sanctuary. My soul, I tell you a secret: the ultimate secret of eternity, for he that dwelleth in the secret place shall dwell in the shadow of the Most High.

Forget what fear is.