Mankind, where are you? Hide you in the midst of the trees? But why? Ashamed? What have you to be ashamed of? Naked? Who told you that you were naked? Yes you are naked before the eyes of an all-seeing God; no hiding in the midst of the trees can conceal it – no garment you put upon your body will veil you! All things are naked, and open before His eyes.

This thought is eternal – it is no sin, O man that thou art naked! You were created good, and God could see everything! You may fasten fig leaves upon yourself, but still His eyes see all.

Yet now have you disobeyed? And the result is that you are ashamed of your nakedness? Ashamed that He can see all, ashamed that He percieves the deepest thoughts of your heart, the lusts and desires which none aught to see?

Adam, where art thou?

Why have you hidden you from He who loves you perfectly? But who else will have compassion of your shame? The serpent?

Adam, where are you?

With eternal things we can see the end from the begining, and the beginings in the elements of the end. One day – in the fullness of time God will return to this garden He has made. When He comes He will come in all His splendor, and glory – He will not keep silence: ‘a fire shall devour before Him, and it shall be very tempestuous round about Him.’ And ‘who may abide the day of His coming? and who shall stand when He appeareth? for He is like a refiner’s fire, and like fuller’s soap.’

Adam, where art thou?

Have you hidden yourself in the midst of the trees? Have you covered you, once again, with fig leaves? How have you prepared for the time of His coming? How do you know that you are naked? Only some divine revelation of God would present this thought to your mind! So how do you know? If He didn’t tell you, who did? This revelation is now planted in the soul of every man – for Adam did eat of the tree, which hath seed in it, and bringeth forth according to its kind; now planted in the soul – the psyche of all mankind. You, too, know you are naked, God sees all, hears all, knows every contour of the whole of your person.

Surely, then you have learned some good. Ah, but you have also learned some evil for now you know that you have disobedience, which needs to be covered. DEATH! Death is the penalty for sin, for death is the result of sin! Not as though God is unjust to ‘punish’ with death, no for death is merely fruit, the fruit of the seed of disobedience, and you have eaten from that tree! Yea, like the knowledge of our nakedness has now been incorperated into human thinking, so also the strain of disobedience! And her fruit is death, but she is an eternal plant, and so her death is not only dying upon this temporal plain, but the fruit of eternal death rains in us and so Adam, and all his offspring are destined for hell, and the lake of fire.

O, that man had never eaten of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil! Her fruit is far more than man can bare! What a penalty that God’s loving admonition not to eat it could have saved us from had humanity only heeded Him!

O, but blame not Adam, nor assume you’d have done differently, for as a cross-section of humanity was this thing done. What Adam did depicts the judgment, and council, the decision of all humanity. In Adam we DID partake – all of us! Adam IS humanity, and His acts are the acts of all mankind. Know, then, that when Adam is spoken of, it is YOU, and I, and all mankind who is spoken of.

Adam, where are you?

Hind-sight is 20/20, and you and I have already made our choice. Or have you never sinned? When it was your turn at life – did YOU never err? No, Adam, you and I are both alike, for we ALL have sinned, and fallen short of the glory of God. And now, O horror of horrors! He is coming back! He will come to this garden He has made and we, none of us, know the day or the hour of His return! And when He returns – Judgment.

O what shall we do, Adam? Can we make us fig leaves to hide our nakedness? Can we hide us in the midst of the trees? O, but the wages of sin is death! How can we hide us from our shame?

Fear not! For as we wait for His return, the Master has made for us a covering of skin! The last Adam has come, His name is Jesus, the Christ of God, and He took on Him the penalty of all our sins! He is the spotless lamb who was slain in our place, and endured the death that we deserved! Receive Him Adam, accept His sacrifice, and let Him cover your nakedness and sin! This is the only one way to prepare for that horrible day of judgment, when Christ returns, and calls to His earth:

“Adam, where art thou?”

Hide you not in the midst of the trees, O man, and disguise yourself not, for He sees clear through every facade’. You may lie to yourself, and you may lie to man, but all things are naked, and open before the eyes of Him to whom we must give account! Put away your fig leaves, call YE upon HIS name, while He may yet be found in the day of mercy, before that eternal judgment ensues. There is still time, Adam, still time to be redeemed of your sins!

Adam, where are you?