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Suicide is, perhaps, the greatest evidence that man has a freewill apart from the will, and plan of God.  Death is a reality contrary to God’s desire for man.  Scripturally death is the result of sin: ‘…sin when it is finished bringeth forth death.’ (James 1:15).  All death is the result of sin, I could point to scripture after revealing this (the soul that sinneth, it shall die; by one man’s offense death reigned; sin hath reigned unto death, etc., etc.) but bear with me as I attempt NOT to teach theology – which I admit is easier for me to do.

My brother’s suicide was NOT the will of God.  Almost any other type of death one could ARGUE was somehow in the plan and will of God.  But suicide is deciding upon one’s own ‘fate’ (I do not believe in fate, but use the word, here, in the sense of the end of one’s life), and orchestrating it before the natural extent of one’s lifespan.  The suicide’s death was chosen by the singular volition of the one who carries it out.  It is contrary to natural cause, contrary to the will of society, contrary to the will of God.

Death is, and its agents are not the will of God for mankind.  Jesus came that we might have LIFE – abundant life (O that we knew what that meant!).  It is the devil who intends death (and all its agents) for humanity (see John 10:10).  Nothing is as contrary to the will of God – the creator – than destruction, particularly the destruction of life.

In another life situation I was exposed to, another loved one became filled with a demonic presence so strongly that the spirit was speaking through the individual.  In the course of dealing with this possession – as I admit we were largely unprepared for (once again I admonish you to prepare yourself for the coming trials of hour life, lest we be defeated in the momment we should have victory) – someone asked the spirit what it wanted.  Its response was that it wanted ‘to be UN-MADE.’  Now I certainly do not want to glorify the demonic, or take lessons from the words of a demon, lest we be guilty of divination, but can you see how opposed to the will of God that is?  The thing did not declare that it wanted to die, but to be unmade – finnished before its existence had begun, to never have lived at all.  (Incidentally, this message is a great resource on ‘exsorcism,’ ‘deliverance,’ or whatever you want to call it: http://focushr.sermondrop.com/sermons/7040-6-Demonisation-John-Wimber-)

Can God, or society in any wise be blamed?  Only indirectly if at all.  If society was directly responsible for the death of a suicide, then it is no longer suicide, but homicide, and while the one who dies may be willing subject it is the outside forces which are to blame.  If one convinces a mentally unstable person to kill them self, then even though the unstable person may have done the deed it was due to the will of the outside force, not the freewill of the one who pulled the trigger.

Surely I could blame myself, but every reasoning psychologist knows I ought not to.  Did I do all that I could to help my brother?  Indeed, I did not directly know that suicide was a temptation to him, though I was given glimpses prophetically into the fact that things pertaining to him were in a life-and-death magnitude.  I hope and pray that I did all that I could to help him.

Can I rightly blame God?  Of course not, it was He who gave warnings to my spirit regarding my brothers estate (I can recall another time, well earlier when as I was praying, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a great burden for my brother, I also had a general sense that he desperately needed ministry within my spirit, and tried to make opportunities to be with him – though he was already in such a state that he would let no one close, and always broke serious discussions with humor – he was brilliantly funny!)


God was doing all in His power to help – through ME: His hands and feet, and doubtless through any others who were listening (or weren’t – for God worketh ALL THINGS after the counsel of His own will).

It was, indeed, my brother’s decision to take his own life.  That decision has eternal ramifications.  It first affects many people in the immediate sense – my goodness, you should have seen how many people came for his memorial!  The sin he committed deeply affects his family, friends, acquaintances, and spiraling out from there many people he would never meet, or know but would have indirect influence on.

Secondarily his decision affects the whole world in the long term.  Things that he WAS predestinated to do, he cannot now do for his life, and subsequently God’s plan for it have been cut short.  ‘For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto GOOD WORKS, WHICH GOD HATH BEFORE ORDAINED THAT WE SHOULD WALK IN THEM.’ (Eph 2:10).  I believe that this is the greatest detriment of his sin, for he deprived the world of the gift that was himself.  I’m sure he’d have rather not affected anyone with his decision – although he clearly knew that he would (some reference was made to that in a note he had left (we did not find the note until some weeks later).

Anything that you do no matter how big, or small will affect others.  Some of us think that we can carry on with some small, secret sin which no one else knows about.  We tell ourselves that no one else will be affected by what we do – how could they if they don’t even know about it?  But that isn’t the way it works.

The bible tells us to be sure our sin will find us out (Numbers 32:23).  My mom used to quote that verse to us, and it used to give me the ‘heebee jeebees’ (:p).  It really did – what a scary thing to say!  But its True.  (There are things in God’s Word which are scary; even TERRIFYING.  Could a God of love send us frightening messages?  Yes, if what He’s saying is True.  He warns us so that we can take appropriate heed and be free from fear.  Beware of ministers who will only tell you the positives (in these latter days many ‘ministers’ will come flattering to tickle itching ears) Paul told us to: ‘BEHOLD [that is, diligently look at; earnestly consider] the goodness AND SEVERITY of God…’ (Rom 11:22))

That reality, that our sin will find us out is not, strictly speaking, a verse describing the day of judgment (though there is certainly application there), it applies to the here-and-now.  Your secret sin which you don’t think will affect others WILL AFFECT OTHERS.  Period.  You can’t be secretly addicted to porn without it coming out in how you treat others, for the sin affects the way that you think.  You cannot secretly doctor the books just a little for some extra money without it affecting your customers, coworkers, employees, etc.

Everything you do will affect others, whether it is sin unto death, or righteousness unto life.

This is all part and partial of the freewill of man.  A person can go outside the will of God – most of the world is constantly outside the will of God – no, in fact the WHOLE WORLD is constantly outside the will of God (1 John 5:19).  Only that which has been redeemed by the blood of Jesus’ sacrifice can be intentionally be in the will of God (True, God sometimes uses the lost to fulfill His purposes unwittingly, but that is the rocks crying out – not what I speak of here).  Unfortunately, I believe that even the church is USUALLY outside of the will of God.  Our sin, and our failures will affect not ourselves only but also everyone around us.  That is why there must be punishment for sin.

Our own lives belong to us – sort of – its actually more like they’ve been leased to us, and we will give an account for our deeds in this life one day.  Within the sphere of our own lives, however, God has granted us freedom.  We have the ability, if not the right, to make choices – life or death choices, choices with eternal consequences.  Every time you hear he Gospel preached in Truth YOU ARE making eternal choices, and judgments which will affect your eternal reward – and those of everyone around you.  Do you believe the word preached?  How much do you believe it?  How thoroughly will you lay it to heart?  (This is why Jesus admonished us to take heed HOW we hear.)

Since the original sin mankind is plagued with the corruption of sin.  We have no idea how thoroughly it permeates everything.

Death exists because of sin.  All agents of death exist because of sin.

Disease exists because of sin.  Scripturally, an ‘iniquity’ is some result of sin (you know, like Isa 53:5 ‘…he was wounded for our transgressions [sins], he was bruised for our iniquities.’)  Disease is an iniquity – a direct result of sin.  It is not a sin in itself, but is an agent of death, caused by sin.  Of course that does not mean that those who are sick are sick because they have committed some particular sin – people become sick because the human race is plagued with sin and its agents as a result of the fall.

People are born with mental illnesses, physical disabilities, corrupted sexual orientations (see post: ‘Can Christians be Gay’?), etc. – these are iniquities, and they have come upon the whole of the human race because of the fact that the first man fell into sin, so all the race has fallen into sin.  Furthermore, as iniquities, as agents of death they lead to more sins, and guess what, that leads to, you guessed it: more corruption, sin and death.

God is not the orchestra-tor of sin, death, or iniquity.  God, in contrast is Holy; perfectly holy.  As a perfectly holy being, He is not aloof to our predicament; no, indeed – He holds the very key to our freedom, and has done all in His power to give us that key.  Yea, I tell you assuredly, the name of the key is Jesus Christ!

Our sins, and our iniquities have separated us from God, for He is holy.  But God loved the world so much that He sent His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him [Jesus] should not perish in their sins, but have everlasting – and perfectly whole, holy life.

Bad things happen because there is sin and iniquity in this world.  ‘…All the foundations of the earth are out of course‘  (Ps. 82:5) Too often we blame God, but the agent to blame is sin, itself.  God has done all in His power to help us, AND WILL ALWAYS CONTINUE TO.  In this world we will have trouble (for the mentioned reason – all mankind has a freewill with which they commit sins, and since God will never enslave us, He won’t take that freewill away), but take heart, friend – Jesus has overcome the world.  He is the ultimate key of redemption – meaning He is able to reverse all the curse of sin and death, and deliver you even in the midst of this broken world.