In the far distant future; the year of our Lord 2020, nefarious elements in the galaxy seek to put all peoples and all planets under subjection. GALACTICUS-MAN meets up with the two security guards only to uncover an ominous plot perpetrated by the caravan’s head of security to have his own men murdered. Through means of telepathic transmission, he also discovers a plot by a public figure to take his life as well. Can our hero save the security guards from the pirates, and from their own employer?! Can he escape the plot on his own life? Simultaneously, down on earth, the villainous wizard known as ‘THE SCIENCE’ is attempting to convince the president of earth – RONALD THUMP – to allow his plot to prevail on the populous. Will Galacticus-man be able to save himself, the security guards and the crazy cat lady? Can anything be done to stop ‘The Science’ from enacting his nefarious plan?! Galacticus-man: Twenty years ago, in the year 2000, a portal was opened from the far side of the galaxy. An evil tyrant: Emperor Jing of the Krorgon Empire began an invasion of our humble Solar System: Solaris. A Tarichan warrior sent be the Emperor had implemented the Great Robot Apocalypse by infecting the earth’s robots and computers with a computer virus, setting back the world’s advancements in technology by about 100 years. In those days, a single hero was able to close the portal, and to thwart the dreaded invasion of the Krorgon Empire by shattering one of the portal’s vital Galacticus-Crystals. This hero, a lone survivor of the Solaris Rangers, now known on the far side of the for destroying the Galacticus crystal and closing the portal is known to them simply as ‘GALACTICUS-MAN.’ Yet now, twenty years later in 2020 the Krogon Empire is communicating with vile fiends on the planet of earth to orchestrate their full-scale invasion of the Solaris system again. An evil wizard has discovered another Galacticus crystal on the planet of earth. He seeks to help the Krorgons by infecting the humans with a terrible virus. Will he succeed? Can the new crystal he found be used to re-open the portal to the other side of the galaxy?! Who can stop the fall of humanity into the slavery and subjection to the Krorgons? Welcome to the exciting adventures of: GALACTICUS-MAN! (While recorded at some ambiguous date in the early 1900s, likely contemporary with similar theatrical serials of that time such as Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers, Galacticus-man was recorded as an unreleased radio drama, in form like unto The Lone Ranger, The Shadow, and the Green Hornet. As we are now far past the 2020s, we can look back on the historic record of those days unencumbered by bias and prejudice. While the mutant government of the surface-lands have sought to rewrite the history of those days of the 2020s when they came to power, we can nevertheless see that many plot points in the Galacticus-man series (written and performed some hundred years prior to 2020, and some perhaps 170 years before today) are shockingly predictive of the actual events of the 2020s, albeit predicted the melodramatic form of a space opera. One should not think that Galacticus-man is entirely a work of predictive science fiction, however, it stands on its own as an epic saga of its time, full of space battles, intrigue and compelling narrative. Deep Bunker Studios is proud to have discovered this recorded radio drama and is working diligently to restore the audio for the amusement of the whole family. So please like, subscribe (and tell your friends to subscribe) to this broadcast station so that you can begin to receive notifications as we finally release the heretofore unpublished Adventures of Galacticus-man!)