On October 20th, I broke a rib live rolling at BJJ. I’ve continued with my home exercise routine, and have found that somewhat un-incumbered. The rib break prevents me from doing as much abs training as I usually do, and I have let myself take it a bit easier than usual in personal training time while I recover.

In the meanwhile, I found a local Judo dojo which is less expensive than the school I’ve been taking BJJ at, and they have family classes. I took my wife and two boys to try out a class there while I watched the younger two kids (had the broken rib anyhow so couldn’t really participate, myself).

They liked it; so I think we’re going to set the three of them up at the Judo place. In fact for the savings I might even be willing to switch over to the dojo, but they only have classes two days a week and someone will need to watch our two younger kids while Mom and the boys do Judo. So I’ll probably keep doing BJJ at the school I’m attending (once I recover) on Mondays and Wednesdays and watch the girls Tuesdays and Thursday evenings while Destiny and the boys do Judo.

On the ‘everything else’ front, I obviously haven’t been able to write really recently, but I am working towards figuring out a way of changing my situation. I seem to sense that the Lord is encouraging me in that direction.

I’m working full time, but I would like to transfer to working from home writing, and perhaps performing voice work. Trouble is… well money, and finding the appropriate setup/ schedule to get there. The important items are, of course, 1) being able to pay rent and 2) groceries, and 3) finance martial arts training for the family. This last for a number of reasons (something to do as a family, develop healthy lifestyle, and most importantly, as an investment for future ministry).

That’s what’s going on for those following, and wondering why there hasn’t been much content of late.

Appreciate prayers and support!