So, I am working at he goal of creating something larger with my blog, and currently looking at monetizing it – it will remain completely free to readers, just means I am paying for extra services (advertising, having a paypal account to accept donations and conduct transactions, that sort of thing).

But before I pull the trigger on purchasing a domain, I realise that my current domain is a bit tricky. I’ve been using ‘pnuematicrain’ which is, maybe more of a title than anything like a good domain name:

It combines the word ‘Pnuema’ – the Greek word for ‘spirit’ and ‘wind’ (which is why we have ‘pnuematic’ – that is: air powered – tools), and the word ‘rain.’ So the compounding of the two words was supposed to be… kind of a clever… I dunno, something.

Anyways, it’s hard for people to spell, remember, etc. so I’m thinking of coming up with something else for the domain name.

I could continue to use the same domain name, but as I’m not famous or anything its hardly a brand thing although it is already associated with my blog.

Anyways, it will probably change here shortly, so heads up to active followers of the blog (I’ll keep you posted); but I am up for suggestions on he domain name if anyone has some.