A giant city that’s but a shell, it will one day its place in hell.

Alone I wander in the street, I’m like a ghost upon my feet.

The hordes about are busy still, for the populace is present still.

Do they see me as I go? As a whisp of melting snow…

And in the dreary, like the night, the sun above like candle light.

Like silhouettes, or human echoes, like a great machine, or busy geckos;

I’m not a creature of this world, which from the Voice the dust was hurled.

Lonely man upon the street, who knows not how to people meet.

This place is not like present place to interact, to kiss a face,

It all is like a memory, or a dream about the deepest sea.

Do I belong here? Did I ever? Did people see me now or ever?

Or is it I that see not them? When did I lose the sight of men?

And so I was cast in a great hole, at the bottom, like enormous bowl:

And all about me were the dead, they pawed at me and sought my head.

The world’s a dream, and so are you; I could not wake up when I wanted to,

But in the dream I recalled my home; above the seas and sky, I roam.

These men below are broke and bitter, can I help them? I’m no quitter.

Yet here below have all the power, and they abuse it every hour.

Like the Christ who came to save, they threw His flesh into the grave;

But He it is that purchased me; a hopeless slave who’s been set free.

And now like Him, born from above; and yet they go on still, deny His love.

A lonely man upon the street, and they like ghosts, we cannot meet;

And in the churches they lie asleep, just like them all, but purchased sheep.

I cry to them to come awake; they do not see the coiling snake;

And when they do they fear him first, as the world about is dead with thirst.

The walking dead controlled by he, he’s not a foe that you can see.

Save the lost… oh now I see, they do not want to become free.

A giant city that’s but a shell, it will one day its place in hell.

Flee the city: come above, lay you down, grow wings of dove.

‘And after this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither…’ (Rev. 4:1a)