As I sat in the hollow, I gazed out of the mouth of the cave.

The fire was my companion, who crackled gently by my side.

Beyond my dancing friend and I, was the dark and horrid night.

In warmth there was no pretense made to hide the truth of disasters,

Which roiled out vociferously beyond our little hovel.

My eyes could see destruction, and the echoes from the dark,

My companion crackled gently in my ears…

His sparks did grace the air about me with unspeakable beauty.

He warmed me, and I fed him, a truer friend could not be found.

In peace we made our home together, though by his brightness I saw horrors abound.

The darkness could not touch me, my friend defends me with his light.

Though wolves and fiends, and darker things prowl just beyond our home,

I eat a meal prepared with him, and have never any fear.

I close my eyes and see him flicker through my eyelids,

I listen to his pleasant voice; he crackles truths to me.

When all about seems lonely, and I have no mortal friend,

The fire within, it keeps me, for Christ is ever near.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies.