Beneath the veneer of mortal flesh, there lived the sound of thunder;

When the Lightning split the sky, their husk was torn asunder.

Are you peeled as human wheat? Now is the ground a’quaking…

Do you hear soft-spoken speech, while all the world is shaking?

Thunder’s rolling in the skies, but can you hear the sound?

Carnal man with blinded eyes saw no Lighting hit the ground.

And now the earth will churn and roil; listen to the thunder!

I thought the sound was clear to all as I stood and stared in wonder…

Alack for man, who hearkened not what angels all did ponder!

We close our ears and pay no mind to what is hap’ning yonder.

Destruction cometh swift on those who never cleanse their hearts,

Their pattering feet are equal swift to flee the Truth as raining darts!

For when it finally catches you, as a boulder shall it land,

With such weight and magnitude, your trembling legs won’t stand.

A sinking terror comes with it for those who’ve fled the thunder,

When once too late to change our ways, we are but hades’ plunder.

Heed, beloved, heed, for the Words have ever spoken,

And those who shall not hearken, they will be forever broken.

Lost was I in the mines below, and the soil pelted down,

My mind was ever wand’ring, and I sought for carnal crown.

Yet echoed through the corridors: the soundless thunder spake,

For so long time I stuffed my ears till my conscience finally brake.

I hid from words of truth, and despised the voice that brought it,

Yet in the end, it mastered me, yea even while I fought it.

Silent thunder echoes on through every human ear,

Should you stop to heed it, you shall lose your every fear.

And when their hordes all come upon me in the semblance of the night,

With spears and clubs and pitchforks to beat my soul with fright,

Yet I will heed the thunder, for the Lightning yet has come.

Within the Rock I’ll hide myself while all the earth stands dumb.

The earthquakes now are coming, ignore them if you dare,

While thunder loud was calling… did mankind ever care?

We strapped armor on our chest and thighs,

And fortified our towers to fight the very skies.

“We are Gods!” We repate the serpent,

And grew our walls, “never shall we be Your servant!”

And when He came to teach us, His voice as thunder struck

But true to form, we murdered Truth; He on a tree was stuck.

And gallant in our cowardace we rode with heads held high,

For by the lie we had forgotten that we shall surely die.

And now the time is drawing nigh that Lighting shall return,

And all the mortal foes of His will see the Truth and burn.

Listen, listen, o’er its too late, come heed the voice of thunder

When the lightning splits the sky, our flesh is torn asunder.

From ‘neath the earth we must arise, and find the freedom sky.

There nears a day when Lightning comes and I will learn to fly.

Can you turn a candied phrase to make a poet smile?

I’d rather heed the Truth, alone, let us sit silent for a while.