At the feet of Jesus, no matter where I be,

At the feet of Jesus who hung upon the tree.

At the feet of Jesus when I’m high, or when I’m low.

This one place I’ll ever be, no matter where I go.

When I’m lost or when I’m broken; when my world is all askew,

Upon the floor I lie myself and there can find what’s True.

Within my skin: a failure, within my heart: a fraud,

Yet a Golden Gate lays open to find the Way to God.

No man can ever shut it, no key can ever lock;

Lay your life before Him, the True, unchanging Rock.

Had we ever seen Him, and had we once but known,

A stream of blood runs trick’ling from His eternal thrown.

Are you now discouraged? Have you naught but fear?

Never be afraid, my friend, the Lord is ever near.

No thief could ever steal Him, no power can take away,

A heart resolved is all it takes to make His Presence stay.

At the feet of Jesus who righteously doth lead;

At the feet of Jesus you will find your every need.

At the feet of Jesus I lay myself down low,

At the feet of Jesus, I pray the world to go.