In the wake of seismic shiftings as we gather round to pray;

A crumbling tower falls about us and we stand in the midst of dangers emerging.

Do you hear the silent thunder? Can You hear the tottering fence?

We’ve lost he sacred footing; yes, we’ve forgotten holy ground.

An appetite within us churns as ruthlessness abounds; a yearning for the worldly…

Somewhere in the silent night, a stone was cut out and fashioned without hands.

The stone so hard as un-repealable – a diamond clear and sheen.

As the stone was silently cut, we built our forces into kingdoms and our kingdoms into empires.

“Yours is slightly different!” We shouted at our fellows, and fell upon our neighbors in cold blood.

So it was, the great Image of Nebuchadnezzar stood tall, and just as it is written, so has history unfolded.

And once the stone was readied: cut and fashioned to perfection; that frightful diamond, sharp – was hurled at our world with immense destructive force.

Ah, but not that we perceived it, for we thought with our feet we had sidestepped the Stone, and killed Him when He came.

We seemed to believe we had shattered diamond though it were glass.

But quite the opposite of our perceptions, for it was OUR world which was destroyed, and the very fabric of the clay’s kingdom was torn asunder; rent in twain.

Who has perceived of it, for our kingdoms did not APPEAR immediately shattered… our world still SEEMED in tact when the Great Stone struck our feet.

But just as the eternal kingdom cannot be seen with the eyes of men, neither can our eyes perceive our own past-tense demise.

The whole world was crushed when the same voice which commanded it into existence cried from the cross: “It is finished!”

You cannot see the stone, and your kingdom; yes, even your great Empire, and its Nebuchadnezzar shall fall, but the eternal kingdom has not the semblance of the kingdoms of men. And no theocracy contains it.

But the final kingdom of earth: that of clay and iron which once was (when the Master came, as the prophet predicted), then for a time was not, and now is yet again (would that you perceived her for she is the Mystery Babylon; even the counterfeit Jerusalem) is rising as Rome before it falls.

Fear not, little children, for just as the Creating voice declared it, it is indeed finished – the Great Stone has already crushed the empires of men. For it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you he kingdom.

‘Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered unto the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.’ (John 18:36)