Have you ever been a seeker? Have you ever set yourself to gain deep understanding of spiritual things? Have you had the desire to walk in the fulness of the power of God?

Can I just advise you, that any lack of attainment to the degree of spiritual depth we seek is merely on the part of our own flesh? There is flesh, and there is spirit; you have both. God is a Spirit, but the flesh and the spirit are contrary to one another.

There is a sense of pagan spirituality which elevates the flesh to the degree of the spirit, in such a state rituals, or external religion may be sufficient to obtain greater spiritual depth.

God’s Son was the full right combination of flesh and spirit. Jesus Christ was God in the flesh; the Word of God BECAME flesh and lived among mankind (John 1:14). This perfect blending of flesh and Spirit is an illustration for us. Jesus subjected the will of the flesh (even the flesh which was the Word, itself) entirely to the desires of the Spirit of God.

He lived His life in communion with the Spirit of God; that is to say: He was a friend to God’s Spirit.

The man who is historically attributed with the formation of Monotheism was Abraham; Abraham was called the friend of God:
James 2:23
And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.

Abraham is also the father of those who live by faith (Romans 4:11-12 & 16-18). Some claim him chiefly as the ‘genetic father of God’s people,’ but that is merely according to the flesh, and not according the born again spirit (John 3:5 & 6); and Abraham was a man of faith – that is born of the Spirit of God (Romans 10:10).

Abraham lived his life as a personal friend of God. Those who are the spiritual offspring of Abraham do the same. They don’t take up a system of religious observance to distance themselves from God – this was the chief aim of those who were not the spiritual offspring of Abraham, that there might be a clergy class, and religious system between themselves and God whom they feared to walk with as did Abraham (Ex. 20:19; Gal 3:19).

Religion was never intended to be part of our spirituality; in fact according to scripture, it distances us from union with God.

I was once asked by a Catholic friend, on making this point, whether I thought we should observe the ten commandments; after all these are laws eternal! The question, itself is still missing the point of understanding the law, and grace:

IF WE ARE WALKING IN FELLOWSHIP WITH GOD, WE WILL NOT BREAK THE COMMANDMENTS. If we are led by the Spirit of God, and live as God’s friends, our lives and actions will be on the basis of pleasing our dearest Friend; we will not come close to breaking the ten commandments if we keep in step with the Spirit. Contrariwise, if we seek to observe commandments in our flesh, we will find it impossible to live up to them; this is the entire point of Romans 7 & 8.

Every manner of religion has been developed, sundry forms of Christian thought, and observance, with the creation of new rules, (new religion) has been tried through history so that we have more religions, more forms, and more denominations than we can number. All of it misses the point.

You must cut covenant with God. God has established the covenant through which we can become His friend: Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son died as the perfect sacrifice for your sins. Entering this covenant, there is no further need of religion, or of rituals.

Are you a seeker for deeper spirituality? Do you desire to be used of God? To be a prophet, perhaps?

The ultimate spirituality is having the Son of God within you. Moses, who mediated the religion of the Jews lamented, ‘Would God that all the LORD’s people were prophets, and that the LORD would put his spirit upon them!’ (Num. 11:29), and the Lord has in these last days poured out of His Spirit upon ALL FLESH.

Repent, and be baptized: that is, cut covenant with God through His Son, and you too shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.

The ultimate spirituality is to live your life as God’s personal friend, having the very Son of God within you. Would that our modern Pentecostals stopped chasing idols, seeking to obtain the anointings of men, and pursued a deeper fellowship with the Spirit of God.

Do you want power? Its not found in ‘prophetic types,’ nor can you obtain it from any man, save the Man Jesus Christ.

God wants to be your friend.