In this old world of brass and stone, I wait by myself to be alone.

Shadows dance in sleepless nights; within myself a thousand fights.

Echoes back of nothing said, awake, asleep, alive, or dead?

On trial for your every thought, your hopes slip out but all of naught.

Listen close, and listen well, without a sound your ears shall tell

The silent echoes bouncing back to break your ears with thunder-clap.

Need hangs upon your struggling sides, who can but stumble as it rides?

Can you carry such a load? The rest despise this lowly toad;

Can you suffice, and can you win? You’ve spent your all to just get in.

You stand before such loving eyes, and within your failure cries.

The rest stare on as fierce accusers, looking for some striving losers.

But alone, and waiting here, the sound is empty but not the fear;

Standing strong despite the odds, men shall never be my gods.

The depths of pain in hours alone, yet somehow with me on His throne

The One Above, the One inside makes even fear of empty hide.

And are we now to dwell forever in this cave?