Currently, I am working on a book; the central content of the book is Christ vs. the Antichrist.  It is biblical non-fiction; my hope for the book is to help equip God’s people to recognize the antichrist system, and be prepared for the last days.

The book is eschatological (study of end-times) in nature but is written from the basis of Gospel principles, rather than theoretical interpretation of last-days prophecy.

The book was initially intended to be a quasi-sequel to my first book More than a Prophet (<– follow the link to the book on Amazon which can be obtained either as paperback, or on Kindle) which is about the ministry of John the Baptist.  Those who have read it (it has some good reviews on Amazon) attest to the Gospel-centricity and orthodoxy of it; truth be told, I believe it is an essential prophetic message for us today: Elijah must come before the return of Christ.  John the Baptist came with the message as well as the Spirit and Power of Elijah – in these days God’s people need to turn unto the Lord in repentance that we may see revival to heal our land (2 Chron 7:14).

Though aside from being essentially preparatory for the last days, More than a Prophet is not really eschatological, but may yet be considered prequel to the current work.

I am now at a slightly higher word count on the current book than the length of the previous, however, I am pretty far from being done with it, I could use prayers as I continue to dig into making sure that it contains everything that the Lord wants it to, and not anything He doesn’t want in it.  I found in writing the previous book, that it is very difficult to tell how close to completion I am even once much of the content is done.  I may only have a short window of time to continue working on it consistently, but I am trusting the Lord that He will help me (and one day open an opportunity for me to write full-time (I have a handful of ideas for novels that I’d love to be able to do at some point as well)).

For sort a primer on the book for those interested, central to the content is the below message (I think you’ll find it Gospel-centric, and perhaps not readily evident how it pertains to the last days, but it leads the direction of the message of the book).  This below link is my sharing the message in church (like Paul, I may be more impressive in writing:) (2 Cor 10:10) so feel free to click the links below the video in the post I linked below which are essentially the same message in written form).

Thanks for stopping to read about my book project, any prayers as I continue to work on it would be much appreciated.

The House of Unripe Figs (Mark 11:1-12:12)