Here I stand at the crossroads; Your feet, and look up into the eyes of the Gospel.

There have ever been Yours: those you make, having built the tabernacle of your habitation through the ages of men. I see that they of this Old Time Gospel fervor have ever been those caught up into the raptures of your Kingdom.

No man, no earthly power can hold or contain You, just as Solomon wisely declared before Your blood was spilled.

Make of me that man of the higher realm, that Kingdom of presence, where the abiding of Christ guides our every motion.

But I am an hasty man whose impetuousness has doubtless been heard in the courts of your presence. I am a notorious sinner, but let now my voice be known iin your courts for the cries of the eternal flame. And if I be impetuous, let it be with that degree of intercesion with which the widow pled with the uunjust judge. And how greatful I am that you are the Just Judge.

Jesus, I set myself at your feet, and yearn to hear not a sound in this world, or to see a sight of this realm, but to hear the voice of the King which echoes through eterrnity, and to see the blessed Kingdom of heaven. Make me as a pillar of your courts, and let me never escape the blessed presence of Life.

What a broken state that it stands in, and I in the flesh do abide in it, but I ask redemption, and beg that you unleash the Gospel on this wretched world of ignorant shame and disgrace. Raise the beacons of light, may the chosen ones of the secret place be not decieved to thinking your Church is conained in human structures, or oorganizations. Break the Truth into their hearts and minds (even mine, O Lord); for theirs is the secret journey, and the secret path: that direction which You give in the momment, for the wind bloweth wherever it listeth, and so is everyone born of the Spirit.

Lord, the Quakers, the Methodists, the Petnecostals did all preserve Your light in their time, but your body is no temporal movement of man, and even the organizationalists who cling to earthly power structures can be enlightened by the Spirit of God. Let your bride wash, and make herself clean – yea to bathe in the waters of repentance, and make their stand of faith in the Son of God.

Break the fiends and liars with the rod of your mouth, and pierce their hearts with the sword of conviction, that their kneews may bow and tongues confess before the hour of judgement and deprivation come upon them: that day which approaches all humanity, but with stealth as a thief in the night.

And when the voice of the Church cries out in the night, shatter the defenses of those that rise up against them; may our call, as yours fill them with godly sorrow that they may be granted repentance unto life.

Spirit of Truth break forth mightily, and ride the power of the Son. May the Word be so adored once again; I percieve that no ammount of prayer shall hasten the Spirit of revival where the Word of God prove scorned.

And we, as bastard children fight against it: “No, but the Word is dry and legalistic; let us pour into the Spirit to its neglect!” Such fools we are! God forgive us for the signs and wonders movement; make us thirsty for the Truth of Your Word, wherein is the power of God unto salvation, and deliver us from a witchcraft mindset of power minus Truth!

Would that we all were delievered, and washed our garments. But so these things are promised to occur, that the final deception may rise and the earth be full ripe of her iniquity. Lord God, may the lights in the darkness now rise in unstoppable measure, and may they be led by that Great North Star: the Man, Jesus Christ. And may we hide unscathed in the broad daylight; hidden in the secret sanctuary!

Even now their political manuevers do set the stage against us, and many shall flee to the darkest place for their deception, but let the lights in the darkness beware against the spirit of antichrist, and care not for the appareance of earthly saviours for we are held in the ultimate salvation of Christ!

Your mercies are new every mornning; make us strong for the task of Your Word, and destroy the works of liars.

‘Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.’ Luke 12:32