I stood upon a great white bedsheet than spread in all directions as far as the eye could see. The ground billowed in the wind below my feet, and though I sometimes staggered and fell, the soft fabric surface remained suspended; pulled rather taut at some greatly distant edges, and as you may imagine of such a continent riding the sky there was no harm to fall.

A bit of spring remained in the fabric surface, and – as I mentioned – the wind of the world below plumed it, so that my sojourn there was a veritable riding of the waves of the breeze.

Nothing else was there; only an immense desert of bedsheet. Was it cold, or warm, or light from above? All was tepid to the senses – the outward ones – save the dance and roll of the sheet beneath me. For I was (or so I percieved) riding upon the surface of a great storm beneath me; imagine trusting your weight upon a thin fabric vail, and discerning that you were suspended a mile or more over the earth.

It semed at any momment the veil could break and I, plummet to the earth. I was not aware of the sun… perhaps there was another layer of… something between it and I, and all that could be seen was this strange ground in all directions.

I sat me down, and the somewhat springy fabric nestled my weight. Soundless, too was this peculiar continent… I could feel the winds roiling below, and somehow knew it was a very terrible storm that surged and bounced me gently, but I could not hear it.

Have you ever been in a silent place? A place so quiet your own soft breathing seems a great thunder?

All was silent, and save the roll of the sheet, all was also still.

The first enemy in such a place is boredom; it is like arthritis in the place of silence. It sets in as you begin giving yourself to the stillness, and creeps about the fringes of your mind when the quiet begins to ring in your ears lkke a crying banshee.

But the patient warrior disdains them both. Only in such a place can you begin to find the weeds of your mind and pluck them. You ride a thin vail, but nothing outside the stillness can break through if you learn the temperance of Eden.

Loneliness will also set in, and bear sorrow with it… that is unless you enter the secret place with a Friend.

Yet that, my love, is the only reason to come to his place, for nothing can be done here but mysteries of the secrets of your heart, and conference with the Most High.

Abide on the waves of the wind; become a master in the stillness of he secret place, and be changed.

Do you want to know God?

His way is in the sanctuary.