Recently, the Lord opened up some time for me to be able to spend some focused time working on a book project, which time I’ve attempted to make he most of (though it was a somewhat unforeseen opportunity). I actually have three books in various stages: ultimately there is a Sci-fi novel that I have high hopes for (everyone I’ve shared the concept with so far seems excited about it), but I’d like to write it in a style which is not usual for me, and I have quite a lot of research to do before I dive into.

Another novel, which I will probably write before the SF is a fantasy – this one I have a few of the early chapters completed (actually wrote them several years ago); I went back recently to read some of it, which really helped rekindle an excitement for the project – this is one I plan to complete at some point anyways; my younger brother was big into fantasy and had read such as I had completed before he died, he had quite enjoyed and wanted to see that one finnished, so I plan to finish it at some point anyhow. (Ideally I’d like to be able to work it full-time whilst doing my research for the SF, but that may not be a realistic hope, we’ll see how the financial situation goes.) That will probably be the next to jump on after I complete the allegory.

Started he allegory late February when I came into the unexpected writing time, some of which I’ve posted here in early form (starting with post ‘A Man Called Truth‘). I’m probably about 1/2 done with it (perhaps a little more – about 2/3 of the content is done, but I will doubtless want to rework much of it in editing once the content is complete before publishing).

Having had some time recently to focus on writing, that time is for the momment coming to a bit of a close (I plan to continue working on it but will have less focused time for a little while – I hope to have the allegory published by the end of the year (sooner if possible)). I also plan to take up a more consistent schedule here and put out 2 to 3 posts weekly.

I’m thankful to everyone for their prayers/ support.

My one published book (so far) is non-fic about the ministry of John the Baptist, link below.