For as many as are following, and/ or keeping tabs on the blog: thank you! 🙂

I have stated an intention to begin work on a time travel novel sometime this year.  I have recently experienced a life-situation been set back (we will trust the Lord to turn any intended curse into a blessing, and I’m striving to make the most of the situation I find myself in, such as it is); the positive is that I have at the moment a little more time for writing.  Unfortunately for the sake of that particular novel, I have a lot more research to do before I’m prepared to jump into it.

For the moment, therefore, I am working on an allegory – some of which I have begun posting (the installments so far: A Man Called Truth; Truth’s Seed; Truth’s Seed pt. 2; To Rise Above the Dust (Man Called Truth pt. 4)) and plan to have another ‘episode’ posted later today (update: now posted – Spirits of the Dust).  What I’d like to do with this project (once complete) is to publish the allegory in its entirety as a book (there will be edits, revisions, and expansions from what you find posted here for the added value of a book compilation).  If you are enjoying them feel free to follow this blog, or share it with others – which would also help me as an author.  That also makes any of you reading these posts unofficial beta readers, so if you have thoughts or input you’d like to share feel free to leave a comment at the post, or reach out to me through my contacts page.

Also feel free to read and review the book I do have published (Category: Religious Non-fiction) available free if you have Kindle Unlimited, or you can just get a standard paperback kindle copy (you can even request your local library to order it if you’d like to read a hard copy free).

Otherwise – I appreciate everyone’s prayers and support!

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