Been trying to be consistent maintaining this blog, ideally, I’d like the Lord to open the opportunity for me to write full time.

For anyone who is following my blog, or may be a random passerby who has been blessed at all by my written ministry, I covet your prayers as I am going to try to manuever my life situation into one which will allow me to write full time (I am begining to develop faith for it). I’d like to advance the blog and minister through other writing (a link to my book, ‘More than a Prophet’ (non-fiction) is be below).

I believe the Lord directed me to write ‘More than a Prophet’ which content brewed in my spirit some time before getting it down. Some of it was made up of posts I had written (elsewhere), but most was written in three months on a tablet in my closet while I was unemployed. Then, like a fool I took it down from publicaton for some time because… well who am I, anyways? But the Lord convicted me that I had ‘buried my talent in the dirt.’ So I put it back up.

I am still in the research phase, but I hope sometime this year to start in earnest on my next book project – the one I have in mind is fiction: a time travel novel with a strong message for our ‘age of educated science.’ I have a few other novel concepts in mind including a fantasy which I determined I will some day complete for my brother after his death (he had read a portion and seemed rather excited about it).

It will probably be some time before I am able to begin work, or for results to be much evident. Any prayers & support would be appreciated (blog is not monetized at this point, but I’m requesting prayers rather than donations – if you want to help more directly feel free to read & review my book, or write me through my contacts page). Main prayer request is that the Lord will maneuver me into a place that I can invest my time into writing & give further direction in this field of ministry in general.

Thank you for prayers and support!

Link to my book: