We often believe that our humility before God is in decrying anything we think that we know; we accept a sense of God’s sovereignty, and resolve ourselves to God’s will.

Is this the right response in sitjations out of our control? It certainly is more noble than refraining to acknowledge God in our lives! But True Christian humility is in submitting to God’s Word – not to our circumstances. We can accept that things in our life are out of control, that we have and experience circumstances that may be adverse to us. But is submitting to those circumstances the will of God? Or are we to overcome? Which adverse circumstances are from the devil? Are there any?

Often we surrender ourselves to the ‘will of God’ (noble) without knowing what God’s will for us is, we then end up submittinng to our circumstances rather than God. Who is our Lord? God, or circumstance?

When faced with something we don’t understand, it is God’s Word that we must cling to – that is True humility for it honors God’s Word above our understanding. Too many of us have heard, and known what God’s Word says, and faced a situation which is contary to the Truth of scripture and therefore bailed on believing God’s Word. We’ve thrown our hands in the air in response to a contrary circumstance and declareed loudly: “I don’t understand!” and submitted to the sovereignty of circumstance.

God’s will is revealed in His Word, not your circumstances.

Stand on God’s Word, friend. Stand on His promises. His Word is True though the whole world resist it; don’t give into the temptation of declaring your ignorance when yoj know what God’s Word on the matter is. That’s not humility, that’s defeat.

Never give up, never surrender. If God be for you,who can be against you?