Whatever friends my courses cared, within my life the darkness shared.

When howls of laughter could be heard, could with my heart come share the word,

And when the bitter teardrops break a friend to help your pain to take.

But in the absense of a friend, how will a soul in anguish mend?

Forget your lives, forget yourself, come save a life upon the shelf.

And when you’ve lost your everything, perhaps your love with sadness sing.

How many millions on the earth?  And who is there to feel your worth?

But we all in cities dwell, our hearts enclosed to private hell.

I wander aimless through the street, so I can love you when we meet.

From town to town I walk away, as old friendships, me, with feces spay.

Is my voice so hard to hear?  Do I fill you all with fear?

Or is your greed so vicious still – you won’t with me up Calvary’s hill?

Why do they such a distance flee, and not behold your agony?

And so I find its still the same – or are the righteous yet to blame?

Let us break down every wall – and love God’s people great and small.

Is there a place for even me?  Have I yet a destiny?

Friends who loved me, friends I’ve lost; friends who left me as I count the cost;

What’s a friend, please tell me now – I have but One who loves me anyhow.

Don’t give up.