Bruce Lee said that mastering kung fu was ‘being water.’  The water takes the shape of the container it is poured into… it flows passively through the paths of least resistance… and in its very passivity is its power.

Water is fully passive, yet immensely powerful.  It can flow in overwhelming currents, sweep across landscapes, even break stone.  The substance of water, itself, has corrosive properties, but interestingly, it is the water’s weight which gives it its torrential power.

A cloud is a concentration of water vapor, and in a sense it could be considered water’s weakest form.  Tiny droplets of water hang in the air – they are so small in this form that their weight is suspended by the air, itself.  Yet for all this a vapor can nourish plants, it distills into the form of dew as the tiny droplets polarize and cling to one another, gaining weight.  The greater the substance of the water droplets as they combine, the greater the downward pull on it becomes.

In a great, high cloud the water condenses until it grows too heavy to remain in the sky, the over-dense cloud becomes a raincloud and by the force of gravity begins to fall forcefully to the ground.

So with rivers and currents: the water is pulled across the ravines carved into the earth by its own weight, and it has a weight unto itself, because water is polar.

Did you know that the Hebrew word for ‘glory’ literally means ‘weight’?

In the bible, the Holy Spirit is typified by water.  He is the glory of God suspended all around us in the air.  In these last days, He is poured out upon all flesh – for His glory distills as the dew (Deut 32:2).

Water takes the form of the vessel it is contained in, and it holds that form by the force of its weight.  Once full of water, the vessel no longer has room for any other substance for the weight of the fluid within displaces it.

He is the dew of Hermon, and you are the earth, and the vessel for His filling.  Do you give God glory?  Do you give weight to the waters of heaven?  The greater the glory that you give Him, the greater His weight will be to fill the form of your temple.

His Spirit is poured out on all flesh, it is as the clouds hanging about you, but if you give Him no glory, then then you have given no gravitational pull, He will remain without, and only wet your face as you pass through the cloud.

I intended to write rather a different post by the title, but here is the basis for authority in the spiritual, supernatural sense: it is the anointing.

All things to Christians are found in the anointing.  ‘Christ’ the title of our Lord, IS ‘THE ANOINTED ONE.”

The Christian faith has a broad and complex history, at the center of that history has ever been a lapse in this question: Control, or Authority?

Would that we understood the anointing!  Would that we returned to Christ!

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