I wrote this a while back, and just found it – it might be indicative of a sense of injustice I was experiencing under the circumstances I was in… kind of intense but I enjoyed re-reading it, thought I’d share:


He comes as fire in the night to burn awat the present fright;

His love as power burning bright, searing all the darkest wiles that vaunt and strut sadistic viles

Their terror is but shadow see; and when He comes it all shall flee

For power true and undefiled is which pure and clean, and never can by darkness seen.


There is a day that burns as fire where darkest hearts consumed with ire

Shall be cast unto the swine; drink it now, for it is mine.  Yes, this my portion, yet e’er before the day does come and turn their tales.

We shall fly as birds a-soaring, coursing through the pleasant day: effortless to glide and sway.

Freedom is her desperate cry, from day by day without that burning power – it shall shed all things, and have no end.

Captivity itself will be eternal bound, when that day of fire is finally found.

Coming – it is coming – and none can stop it.  The freight train of justice will tear its way into this rigidly corrupted realm, and all will fall. Every knee will burrow itself into the earth; every eye shall look down in shame once they have beheld it.  Yet coming is but the beginning.

All will be shaken.  Everything that is – and all that was will rise to be again, for it, too, must be judged of its deeds.

Yes, your human existence, even the genes of man, which bear the likeness of the transgressor will be consumed.  Only the eternal will survive in the day that burns like fire.

No song, nor psalm, no tale or fiction can compare to the mighty, unstoppable Truth.  All will fall, all will burn – and only that which is eternal will survive the day of fire.

The righteous will be justified – for so it is written.  Those who call upon the Name will be vindicated.  But the earth and its deeds will fall about them as tow.  Saved as by fire – those strong in the Lord will maintain their rewards in the age.  The Truth will be justified in that day.  To God be glory.  Amen.