An evangelist acquaintance of mine by name of Chad Taylor, who is going to Seattle to conduct meetings (2/24/17-2/26/17) there has prior to this earthquake had a prophetic word regarding the lightning of God’s presence, and shakings in Seattle.  He actually had the word back in 2000, but just earlier this afternoon (2/22/17, prior to these earthquakes (the Seattle area earthquakes on 2/22/17 started with a 4.2 around nine o’clock, there were several other tremors leading up to a 4.8) he had publicly reposted it; a portion of his word was: “The lightning of My presence is upon you Seattle. The thunder of My voice is about to be heard in you, the veil rent in two. The ground will shake, the graves will open and you children will be set free…“.


this comes just five days after I initially reposted the prophecy below on 2/22/17 following the earthquakes.  There is no doubt in my mind that God has spoken through signs and wonders this week in Seattle.)

Three years ago I had a prophetic dream, which I had posted publicly as a Facebook note (as dated 8/2/14), but hidden from my timeline since that time.  The typology in the dream I had was synonymous with the prophetic word of brother Chad Taylor about his going to Seattle.

I will here transcribe the dream that I had exactly as I posted it in 2014, the day that I had it.  The night after I had this dream, and the same day I posted it, there was an immense lightening storm in the city where I live – I had not known that the lighting storm was coming.

Here is the post exactly as I made it three years ago:

Last night I had a dream; it was night, and I saw a great bolt of lightning.  It came down from the sky from a single, central point, but it looked like the roots of a great tree, bolts split off in every imaginable direction.  The lightning filled the whole sky that I could see.

The lightening struck the ground, and I waited to hear the great crack of thunder, but although the lightening hit the ground, there was no great crack as though it were all of silence.

I found that though the lightening had filled the sky, no one had seen it but myself.  Silent, and invisible to all others (spiritual).

I looked again, and I saw that the great bolts had entered the earth, and were now leaping, and skipping across the ground looking like stones skipped over the surface of the water.  But the bolts continued to skip and hit the ground at various specific points, spreading all about from the initial strike zone.

I saw that the power of the lightening went into the earth and it would, doubtless, powerfully effect the ground where it entered.

Again, I was the only one who saw this phenomenon, no one else could see or was aware of the lightening.  I said to a man beside me – who had his daughter with him: “Pray for the earthquakes.”  The man looked at me, bewildered, having not seen the vision I had seen, and knew not what I was speaking of.  I said: “The lightening has entered the earth, and sunk down where it will.  It has pierced down to the tectonic plates.  There will be great earthquakes.  Pray for the earthquakes.”

I believe this – and was today confirmed to me – speaks of a great revival which is coming to the earth.  Those who are not spiritual (although they be believers) will not see, or percieve the power of God as it comes from heaven.  This power will strike the earth, and be silent, there will not great attention be drawn to it of men.  From the places it strikes the power will spread, it will skip from person to person, and from region to region.  Where it penetrates the earth, there will be great shifts, and changes.

‘Little children it is the last time’  There will be a great revival, as God imparts His power.

Even as there will be scoffers in the last days, there will be those who despise you, and your message if you receive it from God in Truth.  They will scoff this word and they will also, perhaps, never see it come to pass to them because it is spiritual – and the scoffers, rather (even although believers) are of the earth, earthy and cannot receive, or perceive of the Spirit.

I say to you what the prophets, and apostles spoke – the message that Christ spoke in His day (no new commandment – it is of the Word, so you can trust it).

Repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.

Take heed to 2 Timothy 3.

And pray for the earthquakes.

Please pray for those affected by the earthquake in Seattle, and pray that God will have His way in the situation.  – He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should attain eternal life (2 Peter 3:9).

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