Just recently I watched this video of Lester Sumrall prophesying the things that will happen in America in the latter days (video included at bottom).

Sumrall describes seven things which the Lord revealed to him.  Even viewing this 29 years after it was filmed, I had an hard time believing #6 could publicly take place in America – but just recently it has been found legal in Canada (a post about which will be found in its place).  With that I see all but the last one of these prophecies complete.  The video of the prophecies are included at the end, but I will lay out the seven with contemporary articles, posts and videos which show their fulfillment.  (I am not affiliated with the ministry of Lester Sumrall, and this is in no wise an ‘official’ post regarding any fulfillment of statements he made, but certain of my own observations, which I thought others might find interesting.  The video, itself, was made in the late 80s, but Sumrall’s missionary work in the Philippines (when these were revealed to him) was in the 1950s.)

Lester Sumrall tells of 7 things God showed him he would see in America as the end of days approaches:

1) America will turn from its historic faith

This one has been happening for years, and was already pretty much complete the time the video of Sumrall’s prophecy was recorded in 1987.  As I think it is easily established that this has already occurred, I will reference only one (fairly major) happening from America’s history which shows this.

In 1960 – during a height of ‘Red scare’ in America, communist sympathizer Madalene Murray O’hare attempted to defect to the USSR.

O’hare was deemed to have no valuable work skills to contribute to the USSR, and immigration sent her back to the United States, telling her to work for the communist revolution here – she did exactly that.

Upon her return when she went to enroll her son William Murray into the public school system.  Upon entering the school in session (they had missed the beginning enrollment due to her attempted defection to the USSR) found that the morning routine consisted of saying the pledge of allegiance to the American flag, the reading of scripture and a time of prayer.

Miss Murray O’hare was offended that the children in the American Public school system were being taught American Patriotism.  Subsequently she filed a law-suit with the supreme court to have prayer and bible reading removed from public schools as they represented, in her view, one of the pillars of American Patriotism.  In direct result of her lawsuit, in 1963 the supreme court ruled prayer and reading of scripture in Public Schools unconstitutional. (I wonder if the American Population would have been a little more vocal if they realized she was a communist…)


In the short clip below, her son William Murray – who since became a Christian minister – briefly explains (there are more complete video testimonies (if you are interested just YouTube search ‘William Murray testimony’), I use this one because of its brevity).

This information is interesting, and applies to the statement made – surely it is obvious to most that politically America has turned from Christianity, its ‘historic faith.’

2) America will endorse pagan religions:

Not only has Christianity been largely rooted out of America politically, but this separation is almost unanimously exclusive to CHRISTIANITY.

Ironically (particularly under the context of the above) Islam is being increasingly introduced to American public schools.


But even long before this – traced back also into the 1960s, various Eastern Religions, and Philosophies have crept into Western society, and been in increasingly wide spread acceptance.

I had recently said something about Yoga, which is now a common ‘secularized’ practice in the West – the secularization of Yoga is, however, terribly offensive to Yogis of India for Yoga is (literally) the perfected form of Hindu worship (https://youtu.be/ta98AGBWbMw).

3) American will openly accept satanism



Above are just a couple of articles I’ve seen recently regarding this particular prophecy.  In response to this second article, and the perspectives laid out by the satanic temple regarding ‘community activism.’

Cults have exoteric and esoteric doctrines – this is one of the things which distinguishes a cult.  ‘Exoteric teaching’ means that they teach different things to outsiders than they do to higher level initiates in the cult.  As a member is initiated, and then is brought into deeper levels of commitment to the cult organization, they are given more information and exposed to more thorough teaching (ESOTERIC).

Atheism is the general exoteric teaching satanism.  Satan WORSHIP is, indeed, practiced among the higher ranks but admitting so to the media, and general public would be counter-productive to their drive for societal acceptance, now wouldn’t it?  Why is atheism the exoteric teaching of satanism?  Because to a satanist bringing multitudes to hell is the primal goal; true satanists know that humanity is saved by faith in Jesus because the ‘religion’ of satanism is based upon Christianity (no other religion), and despises God.  High level initiates in the cult of satanism do worship the devil – they are not really atheists.  (Incidentally if you are talking to someone who claims to be a satanist who actually seems to be convinced that the temple of satan doesn’t actually worship the devil, then they are either really good liars, or not actual initiates.)

4) There will be a spirit of rebellion – there will be anarchy among the youth; rebellion on the campuses, not only university campuses, but high school, middle school. The spirit of rebellion would be in the whole of the social structure – particularly in the home. ‘And the streets of our nation – full of rebellion. It can become a revolution…’

This one, and the next one I probably don’t need supporting articles for as they have become so astoundingly prevalent in our culture.

I will just name a few touch-button points on this one: war on cops, mass riots in the streets… (why are there high school girls protesting that they should have to wear bras… rebellion to social norm, and moral etiquette?)

5) America will have a tremendous change in its morals.

This has obviously been occurring, and is almost synonymous with the other elements of the prophecy and issues which he has spoken of, but he specifically speaks of sexual lewdness, and homosexuality in particular.  I probably don’t need any articles to back up the fact that America has completely altered its morals with regard to sexuality in general, and specifically homosexuality.  (For the question of whether homosexuality is really contrary to Christianity, see post ‘Can Christians be Gay?‘)

6) Beastiality will come similar to the acceptance of homosexuality.

This one I had a hard time believing; it has not become so wide-scale yet, but Canada has recently called ‘certain types’ of sexual activity with animals legal:


7) These are the days of the greatest outpouring of the Spirit of God that the world has ever known.