Es tut mir leid, mein Deutsch ist schlect.  I thought about trying to do this post in German, but doubtless it would take forever and be incomprehensible to both Germans, and… everyone else.

In the face of increasing extremist violence, what can the Germany do – no what can the West do?  Some time ago I saw this video in which a migrant Muslim taunts a German citizen about taking over the nation for Islam.

I have seen other videos with similar conversations – some far worse and unspeakably grotesque.

Germany has now been suffering with multiple terrorist attacks, and a growing population divide.  I probably don’t really have to continue describing the situation, which is well evident in the media.

The question is: what can be done?  Is there any recourse, or help for the German people?  For Europe?  For the West?  Can we look to political parties for assistance?  Should we form community groups – what can be done?

Should the West increase in its secularization, ought we just to realize that there is no god, and that religion is an ‘outdated’ form in the modern world?  Can we Westerners, whose tendency has become to reject religion as a whole, instead, begin to realize that religion is here to stay? that there are not only those who believe in a God, but who are also willing to give their very lives to make us believe, or kill us?

Religion is not outdated.  It never was – it never will be.

We Westerners like to plunge into atheism, and agnosticism out of preference – because we don’t like what we see in generations of Western Religion which came before us.  Yet will we continue to live in such a way in the light of religious proselytizers who will, in the end – refuse to give us a choice as to whether we will accept their religion, and beliefs?  Can we face the issues of organized religion head-on, and recognize that even if we don’t like aspects of the Christian faith, there will come a time – indeed, it is already here – when different religions will force themselves upon us, upon our culture, our offspring, etc.?

I like what that great German reformer Martin Luther did when he recognized wrong thinking in the church – he planted himself on God’s Word and rediscovered the Way that had been corrupted by generations of Christians who had come before him!  Rather than to turn from God and deny Him because of errors he [Luther] saw in the Roman Catholic belief system, he aligned himself with God’s Word!  Was it difficult for him?  Oh yes!  To me it is an amazing testimony of God’s providence that the man wasn’t burned at the stake – or beheaded!

We in the West find ourselves in a different situation than we have faced recently.  This is not a new situation by any means – but it is one which will not allow us to ignore the question of God.  The question is: do we want (or want our children) to be forced into a belief system which will enforce its every rule with brutality (please bear in mind I am not even addressing what many may call ‘peaceful Islam,’ but rather the Islam that militants are bragging about enforcing upon us)?

I submit that acceptance of, and devotion to True Religion of our own volition, and freewill is the only way to win in the rising situation.  We will either have to come to grips with the True God on His terms, or we will be forced to obey someone’s perspective of God on THEIR terms.

So who IS the True God?  Is He the God of our fathers?  Is He a God who heals the sick, and gives life to the dying – a God who came in the flesh to die in our place, so that we might live?  Or is He a God who would make its adherents murder, pillage, rape and plunder unbelievers?

Who is the God of OUR fathers?  Is the God of Christianity the True God?  Did Martin Luther know the real God?  Is Jesus Christ the Son of God as the bible claims?  Consider this testimony of Jesus, by a Muslim Imam:

How about YOUR part, reader?  Have YOU come to terms with Jesus?  Have you faced the question as to whether He is the True Retter (savior)?  I’d say it is time to look again!  Face the question head on, and face it now, while your neck is not under a scimitar, FORCING you to face the question!

What can Germany do?  Indeed, what can the West do?  No, what can the whole world do?  Our only recourse is to search out the one True God.  Our only recourse is to call on the name of Jesus, repent of our sins and serve Him.

When we do, He has given this promise: ‘Follow me, and I will make you fisher’s of men.‘  (Matt. 4:19)  Instead of killing lives in our conquest to share the world, we will save lives.  God, the True God will work with us – will help us, will heal our broken and afflicted nations.  Instead of being overcome by evil, we will overcome evil with good! (Rom 12:21)

The God of MY bible promisedIf my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.  (2 Chronicles 7:14)

This is not a battle which can be waged in the political arena, we will find political concessions only increasing the societal divide, and making for more victimization.

The great American Revivalist Charles Finney said this:

“A revival of [Christian] religion is the only possible thing that can wipe away the reproach which covers the Church, and restore religion [Christianity] to the place it ought to have in the estimation of the public. Without a revival, this reproach will cover the Church more and more, until it is overwhelmed with universal contempt. You may do anything else you please, and you may change the aspects of society in some respects, but you will do no real good; you only make it worse without a revival of religion. You may… make a show and dash, and in that way you may procure a sort of respect for [the Christian] religion among the wicked, but it does no good in reality. It rather does hurt. It misleads them as to the real nature of religion; and so far from converting them, it carries them farther away from salvation. Look wherever they have surrounded the altar of Christianity with splendor, and you will find that the impression produced is contrary to the true nature of religion. There must be a waking up of energy on the part of Christians, and an outpouring of God’s Spirit, OR THE WORLD WILL LAUGH AT THE CHURCH.”

Mass revival of the Christian faith is the only hope for peace in the West.  Surely it is our only hope for peace, and help world-wide.  Turn unto Jesus, friend – call on His name, take His Word upon your lips, so shall you be saved!

Why faith in the Word of God?