Am I mad, as some may think? To love a man I cannot see? The question’s wrong, I see him now, always ever when I look He’s standing there. No longer pinned like bug display, but standing strong before. An aura of light surrounds my love, a sword in his hand is shining. Do you not also see Him? His blood in my veins, His Spirit blended with mine, a new alloy of bliss and light.

Don’t you see Him? I suppose you don’t; open hearts like open eyes… so vulnerable. If sand or grit would enter there a horrid tear would break you; ripping tissue with gaping grates. You see a salve He’s placed upon mine eye, a layer of soothe to keep it. Do dust and grit fall in my heart his oil is there to collect all this, then muddy glop onto the ground, never making its way inside.

But oh, the beauty I have found, if only you could see it! Describe to me a sunset, spilling rays over cascading drops of shimmer, each bead rainbowing as its torrents break the air: a waterfall kissed by the sun, or something even stronger. Tell me of a thousand songs whose chorus rends the heart, and spills a beauty pouring forth a crimson river flowing; the melody so soft and sweet like velvet rain into the ear. Should you tell such wondrous things, or should I yet perceive them, there is no beauty like my King who stands atop the mountain.

I saw his dark and lovely face, his Arab shimmering beard braided with golden beads, a smile of white stone like milk and eyes that drink the world in. This is Jesus, my sweet king and yes, each day I see Him. There is no beauty like His name, though stones are beat upon by waters, though humming birds drift like song and blooming orchids grow. So tell me now, what do you see: majestic beauty, a fallen leaf drifting down, its own world of joy?

And I’ll tell you what I see, perhaps you’ll open up your eye and behold anew with me. No words can harness beauty there, they pale to conjure even air. Why do I obsess about a God unseen?


In a world as flat and tasteless as I’ve described – I’ve seen nothing like Him.