This is Hubert (the one getting shouted down by the gentleman with the dreadlocks).  You probably don’t know who he is, but he may have single-handedly prevented a communist uprising large enough to cause a new American Civil War back in the late 1960s.

Nicknamed ‘Holy Hubert’ Hubert Lindsey had the habit during the late 60s of overtaking violent protests, and preaching Christ to the angry masses (often after security forces had already determined that there was no way of breaking up the gatherings but by military force or riot squads).  In this way Holy Hubert singularly diffused many situations which were already leading to heightened violence.

It is said that Richard Nixon declared that Hubert, alone, saved the nation millions of dollars.

Billy Graham once asked Holy Hubert Lindsey, “Dr. Lindsey, what is the greatest demonstration that you have ever broken up?”

Hubert replied, ” 35,000″

Billy Graham said “One Man!?”

Hubert replied, “Jesus was with me Dr. Graham!”

Billy Graham said, “May I quote you on that?”

Hubert said, “You may.”

Hubert testifies of once breaking up a protest where a communist group had recruited hundreds of high school kids to march violently into the riot squad as a first wave of assailants.  Moved deeply by the fact that this group intended on putting so many youngsters in harm’s way, and knowing full well that the kids would have their heads beaten by riot police batons, Holy Hubert joined the crowd of youngsters and began shouting praises to Jesus.  This put the onslaught into such confusion that a great violent melee was prevented.

Hubert would also step in and take over the PA systems during violent protests (often being beaten and having clothes torn from his body in the attempt), and preach, redirecting the anger of the protesters to himself in order to protect others, prevent violence, and declare the gospel message.

Having had a Baptist background, and later receiving the Baptism in the Holy Spirit as the Pentecostals, Hubert had started his ministry as a revivalist.  He had held tent meetings across the country, had preached in various churches, and had what people would think of as a thriving ministry.

In the late 1965, Holy Hubert felt the calling of the Lord in a different direction.  He believed God had called him to preach on the increasingly turbulent college campuses and Universities – centrally at the, then, incredibly hostile Berkeley campus.

During Hubert’s first year of ministry there he was beaten over 150 times – nearly every day that he preached (he didn’t preach at the campus Saturdays or Sundays).

Hubert was beaten by Hell’s Angels, Black Panthers, and – perhaps most criminally prestigious: the Manson family.  Hubert had contracts on his life, and testifies that eight Hell’s Angels assassins came to take his life.  All eight of the assassins got saved.  Some of them became preachers.

In many pictures you will find that Hubert was missing several of his teeth due to beatings.

Holy Hubert was beaten so badly that he went blind – TWICE.  The first time God miraculously healed him.

Hubert believed that the greatest evidence of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit was not some spiritual gift, but boldness to preach the Gospel.  He declared that when he was confronting hostile crowds with the Gospel who were verbally, and physically abusive to him, crowds filled with people whom he knew wanted to kill him – that he felt no fear whatsoever.

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‘Holy Hubert’ Lindsey, Father of the Jesus People Movement


Many are aware that the Jesus People movement – a great revival of the early 70s – began when hippies began randomly showing up for services at Chuck Smith’s newly founded Calvary Chapel.  What most people don’t realize is that Holy Hubert Lindsey was the evangelist who got most of them saved (prior to the evangelistic fervor of ‘the Hippie Preacher’ Lonnie Frisbee, that is).  (Chuck Smith admits that he was no evangelist, and the sudden interest of the hippies in his church was a great shock to him.)

Holy Hubert preaches at a Full Gospel Businessman’s convention:

The Hell-fire preacher teaches on hell: