Turbulence shook, and shuddered the propelant quagmire of my weary soul. (The story thereof may subsequently revealed).

Shall we speak a thousand times the same things, they become not the more true.

If one can follow the paroxical rantings of this, or other tyraids, then pehaps the message will become clear after a time.  Though the purpose of any mine muttering muses shall not be the mere candy of literates.  No, a contemporary bard declared ‘we be seeking freaks out from the underground,’ and so shall I.

I’ve no doubt there are the hungry, the thirsty and yet will I find you?  They say in our times that everyone has a voice.  Is it?  What value shall ye be, or ?  But the buzzing din of bees?  No, here you will find substance – I trust even to the assistance of your spiritual endeavors, and help for your eternal reward; but I shall strive to entertain as well.

I suppose on my present musing I do apeal myself to the intellect of the writer, and have said little yet, heretofore.  I said of the dry content of Dickens that his word-smithings were as candy to the writer within me.  This is not my intent, but should offer a sampling at the least; and as my mind blunders on about how to begin with you it appears to be my first weapon.  I can write.  Perhaps little else with any degree of expertise.  Yet as this venue is for writers perhaps I have prevailed upon your attention for the moment.  You need not be writer, my hope is to find those to whom I can contribute in this brief endeavor of life, and here is a potential window for such.

My cause here, then is to  begin the seeking of you.  No doubt there is a readership for such likes as me.  So here is what I do (or more accurately: intend to do) with my endeavor here: I write all manner of formats, though poetic and allegorical (perhaps a bit of sci-fi, more likely non-fic (sometimes with quirky spins)) may be the more common of mine in this venue.  That said, I am a very spiritual person of the Christian faith, and my reflections will surely consist with such ideals (pray, be not put off by that if you are not of the same belief, for I am sometimes told that my thoughts and writings contribute often to those of different beliefs (or none at all)); I may also write non-fiction in the form of spiritual teaching, and one particular interest of mine has become Christian history (particularly as it pertains to the spiritual life of we, contemporaries – for the hearts of the children shall be turned to their fathers, and the hearts of the fathers to the children before the day comes.)

There may be spiritual, prophetic, insights as I seem to be led, biblical revelations and perspectives, thoughts on simple spirituality.  Jesus will heart heart and center to all, as He is.  The Stone rejected by the contracors but He who shall inherit the earth. I am minded toward the renewal of all things, because this mentioned Master of mine is in the work of making all things new.  God is the great I AM, therefore nothing is new enough unless it is RIGHT NOW.  Yes, He has healing for your hurt and weary soul, and help for you today – His mercies are new every morning.  (Just checking to see how many I will lose if I exalt Jesus – that is something I will do).

Additionally as I am community minded, I would love to hear from readers (provided correspondence is not limited to criticisms – don’t get me wrong I am good with constructive criticism, but bear in mind that if that is all you offer it will soon feel like simple animosity), and may also be willing to take requests/input on what manner of things my readers may want to read (and certainly I would love to hear any hope, help, or inspiration derived).  I’ll not, however, be strictly seeker motivated, and will surely say things to challenge, but know it is not my intent to offend.  I have recently begun an allegory I may share with you (still considering this for though it is true, tis a bit dark, and I don’t want that to define me).

This, then, is an hook and line as I begin courting for my own new readership.  I will probably write most of my blogs from a tablet, so bear with any typographical errors that may be produced from time to time, or formatting issues as I am no master of technology… and I write to write.