I’ve got this idea of building an internet community based church (which I talked about a little here). There are cons, of course, like everyone’s internet footprint being available when the cylons take over and Christianity becomes illegal. *Removes tin-foil hat* Or, more practically, for those living in places where Christianity/ church activity is currently illegal who may want to participate in such an online church community.

The pros would include: living community-focused despite physical interaction (*Re-dons the tin-foil hat* who knows when there will be another instance of social lockdown?) without fear. (Don’t worry, even though I put the foil hat back on, I won’t get on some kind of soap box rant about how society is being controlled, and seems to be getting systematically deconstructed on a global scale, through fear – or some vraziness like that. *clears throat*)

I’ve had this desire to be able to write and do ministry full time; yet, despite having written two books (which you can find on Amazon) I am in the working class demographic, and seem to need to spend 9+ hours/ day away from home at the workplace. This of course interferes with writing which requires a good deal of time. It also interferes with family time which only serves to inhibit time for writing further.

I’ve done the Facebook thing, and have no interest in continuing it for the way that it pans out as an internet community venture, you know, for the way it digresses into argumentative chatter; for the way it is formatted, which seems to engender little more than scrolling through endless posts about nothing; for the politics on the broader scale, for the… well name it.

Recently I was hoping to begin studying martial arts at a local studio, but I can’t even think of being able to afford the membership there. Which got me thinking (actually it got me rather depressed), having neither he time nor the finance to pursue ministry, or even personal interests is not the place that I want to be in for the rest of my life. Partly because… well who wants to be there for the rest of their life? But, more particularly because I think the Lord has entrusted to me a certain number of talents (Matt. 25:14-30), and shall I be the servant that dug and hid his mite in the ground because I did not see an immediately easy way to use it?

As I’ve mentioned before, I would like to back to school (I’d like to do missions) but as that does not seem to be so feasable at the momment – not only personal reasons, but also the global travel difficulties – I am going to work toward transitioning to writing full time. Specifically, I’m going to work toward this concept of an online church venture.

What I hope it will look like is:

1) To have an interactive global-church communnity.

There would be phases of working into this, I would probably begin with livestream video messages, but I hope that it will become much more than that – a livivng community maybe using skype or a similar medium through which to hold services in which the online congregation can participate: praying together in realtime, being able to share prophetically, etc. (The vision for it is to embody 1 Cor. 14:26)

2) To produce content (podcasts, videos, blog posts, books) which will be part of the broader digital church concpt, but also uplift edify, evangelize, and otherwise contribute to society and individuals through the digital means available. I’ll probably Facebook up again once I’ve started and use any other available platforms to share content and reach the broader audience.

Of course, there are obstacles – and not just speaking of the ones you’d think of for a working class nobody, but typically the internet is really a social distancer much more than it is a social platform even with the socialist medea, (er, I mean social media…) available: particularly with the internet it is easy for people to remain completely detatched and not interactive. Though to be fair, from my perspective that is also a big issue in church settings, generally, also. But… I also think here are lots of lonely people out there; and a number of them who might not have the courage to go to social settings of any kind – particularly church – who might just benefit from an internet community like that.

My first step quite simply will be to monetize my blog, which will remove random advertizements, and make it possible for people/ individuals to support the ministry through donations. I should be able to use the proceeds of my books to pay for the monetization of the site. I imagine that transitioning into full time work (when it can really take off) will take some time to do, but I hope (and am posturing myself in faith) that I will be able to begin to collect the necessary equipment, software, etc. to begin to get the venture on its feet.

In the meantime, if you would like to help/ support the ministry please like and share content from my blogsite, check out/ share my books, or follow my blog so you can be updated on the progress.