As I yesterday posted about the alleged election of a Messiah in Israel, which was being rumored, it has been confirmed today that these rumors are false. The Spanish speaking Rabbi seen in many of the videos circulating has now said that his main point was to refute biblical claims of Jesus as the Messiah, and convince his hearers to renounce Christ, and believe in Hashem.

While in my post of yesterday I stated that these were unconfirmed rumors, and the primary point I was making in the post is an important one for Christians in these days, I am now also taking that post down so as not to contribute to the general internet confusion.

The conversation stirred up over the issue in Christian eschatological thought is what I wrote to address in that post, namely the question as to whether the ‘rapture’ will occur before the rise of antichrist, and other prophesied end time events; in address of that question I refer you to this post: The Rapture and the Return of the Old Covenant